The Floating Men / Press

“Just Great! Been a fan of the Floating Men for 15 years or more, and this may be their best.”

Robert Mills - iTunes review

“Absolutely amazing intense, multi-layered, addictive and incredible songwriting and performance. This is an awesome piece of work well worth the wait. The Floating Men have done it again...luck us.”

sleepyree - iTunes review

“Above and Beyond the Ordinary - 5 Stars - What an interesting piece of work! Complex but catchy. You can enjoy this at multiple levels depending on your history with the band or this particular piece of work. God Bless the Floating Men for having the guts to create something such as this!”

BCrox5 - iTunes review

"No Clocks, No Calendars, Act I" is poised to enter the Top 100 on the Americana airplay charts. Your help is needed to turn the "Lights" into "Mediums," the "Mediums" into "Heavies," and to blow the roof off the "Heavies," etc.