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“‎Fatima Italia‎ to The Fireman- JJ - I loved the song, composition, your singing and accompaniment. I almost felt like the song had some special meaning in it for you - current or past love? You sang it with so much emotion and a little bit shy as if sharing your feelings with the world was a bit unnerving for such a strong western man. I was pleasantly surprised to find out you sing a variety of genres. Congratulations and good luck on your continued success.”

“-”JJ has an AWESOME SWAGGER!” “He lives the look and his look is COUNTRY!””

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“-”JJ is so passionate in his music, I love it! When he sings you hear that every song speaks to him from deep inside— His passion rings out and you can’t help but melt!””

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“JJ makes it a point to make each person in the audience feel like they're someone special regardless of how many fans are at the show! He takes time to listen, talk with us, and plays and sings the songs that touch our hearts!”

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“Morris, who worked band promotions in England, arranged to have all the bands play for free and even had the event space donated. The talent included country singer JJ Spangler aka "The Fireman" who kept the music going”