The Fire Department / Press

“Like their live set, Underwater is dripping with a not-so-subtle sex appeal. (Lead track “So High” starts with the line, “Girl, I want to be between those jeans.”) But it’s the Fire Department’s cheeky blending of R&B, funk, and yacht rock tropes that makes the band so gosh darn loveable. Their songs are nods to time-tested, feel-good favorites like Steely Dan and Hall & Oates, and they’re delivered with the strong hooks and conviction that not only turns heads, but demands you dance along.”

“Als ik aan vrolijke indierock met een poppy inslag denk, kom ik al gauw terecht bij groepen zoals Air Traffic en Maroon 5. Gezien deze eerste Britten er enkele jaren geleden mee kapten en die tweeden mij vaak net té melig zijn, moet ik mijn fix ergens anders zoeken. Zo kwam ik onlangs de, naar eigen zeggen, party rockers van The Fire Department uit Santa Barbara tegen …”

“For such a small community, Isla Vista is replete with musical talent, and has been the breeding grounds for some of today’s most successful artists. Bands like Rebelution and Iration and artist Jack Johnson all got their start rocking local house parties and Santa Barbara’s bars and clubs. Today, I.V. is home to a variety of rock, punk, and reggae bands, including the Olés, Alpha Funk, Sloppy Job, Andy Dick and the Dicks, and the Adventure Dogs. One band making a most distinctive sound is The Fire Department. It originated in Oakland, Calif., where three of its members (lead vocalist/guitarist Zeal Levin, bassist Thomas Semow, and drummer Evan Monroe) began playing together as teenagers, before bringing their talents to Santa Barbara. Upon arriving at UCSB, The Fire Department expanded at one point to 11 members. The band now stands strong with five members, including guitarist Kevin Harvey and saxophone/keyboard player Joe Farey. The Fire Department combines funk, rock, and soul”