The Firecrackers / Press

“Baltimore’s Firecrackers are here with their demo, make that their long awaited demo. Six songs, fifteen minutes, it was worth the wait. Taking elements of pop punk and old rock n roll and meshing them into a great sound is what the Firecrackers do. Female fronted vocals fronting the band just add to the already great mix we’ve got going there. I highly recommend you check this out; hopefully it’s the start of a string of great releases from this band.”

“Inspired by the Beatnik Termites and girl-groups of the 60’s, this powerpop/ punk band will have you clapping with their catchy beats and doo-wopping with the talented vocalist, Colleen. Other band members include Ricky (guitar, harmony vocals), Matt (bass, harmony vocals), and Pat Termite (drums, harmony vocals).”

“Don’t you just love when you find a band that can make your heart dance and your body rock? Enter: The Firecrackers! Self-described as Powerpop, they would better fit a label such as Popabilly, or Surfpop. There’s no upright and no one is sporting a coiffed pompadour, however the sound is reminiscent of the kind of tunes you would hear at the drive in while you hold your date in your 50’s coupe.”