The Fintztones / Press

“This cat is just too cool. With a diverse mixture of Americana, Reggae, Blues, Jazz and a boatload of good songwriting Gene Fintz gives a down home good time. This is music for the soul. I dare you to have a listen and not leave with a smile. It's obvious that Gene is out to have a good time and he's making every effort to bring us along with him as well. And doing a great job at it to boot. This cat's musicality is bang on without question as he takes us from a soothing Reggae ballad to a Rock & Roll style twist, to a sooting Calypso groove and back to an Americana track with ease. Incredible. We had such a blast listening to his songs we couldn't help but get up and do a little twist ourselves. Great work Gene. There's nothing like music to uplift the soul.”