The Filthy Cheaters / Press

“Rough-edged Motorhead-inspired car crash punk with singing that sounds like it was recorded in a garbage disposal”

“Hilarious. There's no sane reason to take Minnesota punkers Filthy Cheaters seriously. Especially when the self-deprecating vocalist Johnny T sings 'I'm a meathead' in the chorus of the song of the same name. Or he announces, in 49/51, he's 49 percent motherf*cker and 51 percent son-of-a-bitch. It would have been even funnier if he would have said 51 percent a**hole (which might be more accurate).I'm always up for a few good laughs. Punk music is often good for that. Cover a Ramones song, for a bonus or tribute, as the Filthy Cheaters do with Cretin Hop, and a smile is guaranteed. Kidding aside, on Wake the Dead, Filthy Cheaters get the basics right for punk/garage rock: minimal production for a raw inglorious sound, average if not questionable musicianship, and a slim sense of melody and some clever hooks. Johnny T has the punk snarl down, both guttaral and raspy. Add the down and dirty, a step out of the sewer into the gutter, lyrics and swagger, and you... See link for full review”

“Loud punk rock from Minneapolis, Minnesota... The Filthy Cheaters sound a bit like GG Allin,Tescoe Vee and The Murder Junkies..... This CD Rawks.. It is filled with filthy punk/pop tunes that will quench your thirst for kink..... Filthy Cheaters lay it on the line... They aren't afraid to offend . But in doing so they never abandon things like rhythm and melodies. The singer has that snotty voice that works with. Stand out tracks include "Wake The Dead," "Total Death" and "Peckerwood." They make Minneapolis proud! Buy this CD.”

“The cantankerous rock outfit, Filthy Creatures’ album, Wake the Dead, is hyped on equal parts trucker-speed, punk rock and denim vests. From moment one of the title track, Jamey Coffin, Johnny T, Chris Chunk and Sean O’Really? never let up on the gas pedal. With tracks rife with violence, crass humor and trite lyrics (49/51 draws its inspiration from a classic bumper sticker, “49% Mother Fucker, 51% Son of a Bitch.” No, really) don’t expect Filthy Cheaters to provide your listening experience with anything substantial to nosh on. On the contrary, Filthy Cheaters are more akin to that obnoxious uncle everyone has who shows up late to family functions, clad in stained clothing and the first to get hammered while spouting off incendiary comments to all in attendance; but you accept it because it’s just who he is. It’s tough to tell if Filthy Cheaters really are that guy or are putting on their best imitation of that guy. (Read More at the Link Below)”

“Filthy Cheaters - Wake The Dead (Independently released CD, Pop/rock) Loud cocky intense fuzzy punk rock played with conviction and balls. Minneapolis, Minnesota's Filthy Cheaters play like they mean it. The band plays a raw abrasive style of pop/rock that was very popular in the United States in the mid-1990s. In many ways these guys sound like GG Allin...if he had written good songs. Don't get us wrong...we loved GG. But while he had the stage presence and the nerve, he was lacking in terms of songs. The guys in Filthy Cheaters aren't afraid to offend and bend. But in doing so they never abandon things like rhythm and melodies. The vocalist has a really cool snarly voice that works perfectly within the framework of these tunes. Hard rockin' in-your-face cuts include "Wake The Dead," "Total Death," "Keep The Change," and "Peckerwood." Fun stuff with a hard nutty crunch.”