The Filth Hounds / Press

“The Filth Hounds, the sizeable crowd lapped every note up "Grim Up North review"”

“Moshville times review of Release The Hounds”

“great review of our gig at The Power & Glory Festival”

“.NWOBHM.com blog - Instant classic. Must be listened to in order for it to be believed so don’t take my word for it – listen toi t.”

“The Trilogy is worthy of any Maiden album . Well done chaps!!! 8/10”

“The Filth Hounds reminiscent of an early Judas Priest and Maiden”

“9 out of 10 for the Filth Hounds debut album RELEASE THE HOUNDS”

“BARKING MAD!...... North East (UK) metallers - THE FILTH HOUNDS have just released their first album. So, are they the 'hounds of love' or the 'hounds from hell'?”

“The Filth Hounds inspire a radio show”

“The NWOBHM show Filth Hounds special on Road Dog Radio”

“The Filth Hounds were billed as one of "the 66 bands you need to hear about" Kerrang Magazine”

“Bass player John Allom's comes back home”