The Fifth Fire / Press

“Congratulations 5th Fire once again! Both bands are class acts and amazing! (The Fifth Fire: 2016 Steel Bar Battle of the Band Champions)”

The Steel Bar

“As the head of LMC Records i would very like to welcome Fifth Fire to the LMC Family,bridging the gap across the pond with our friends in LA and New York,this is big news for the label as now we are being taken seriously by the US press and Radio,LMC believe that a global development is a must,we will have more news from Hollywood in the coming week which will be a Amazing asset to LMC Label,it pays sometimes to know the right people, welcome FIFTH FIRE we look forward to seeing you guys over here in the UK cheers Nick CEO LMC RECORDS”

Nick Hollis - LMC Records

“The Fifth Fire is a band with a unique vision. Their songs tell stories of love, and perseverance. This band has a message the world needs to hear. They have reached fans across the globe and are on their way to huge success. If you're looking for truth in music and the ability to relate a feeling you've experienced just listen to their lyrics, you'll find a message in each song.”

"The Fifth Fire have definitely earned their stripes in the music industry. They encompass an array of audio angles, keeping the listener guessing and the music fresh. Their music employs a unique blend of familiarity and originality that makes it easy for anyone to enjoy. Energetic, edgy, and sometimes emotional, The Fifth Fire has a way to make YOU, the listener, feel what they, the PLAYERS, are feeling when they play. In a genre that can be flooded with cookie-cutter music, they truly stand out... and that speaks volumes!

Ronald McGuire - Sonic Blasphemy

“The Fifth Fire is on its way to becoming a chart topping band. Their sound is unique and very entertaining. They not only create great music, these guys are creating musical art with their sound.”

Tanya Buentello - Bethel College Radio 88.1

“The Fifth Fire interviewed by Emily Deaver for KSCW”

“THE FIFTH FIRE spotlight on KWCH/KSCW news in Wichita,Ks”