The Fast Takers / Press

“Absolutely Killer PunknRoll from the very fertile land of Portland, Oregon”

“Portland’s The Fast Takers live up to their name, laying down tight, skinless garage rock that hits you like a profane tirade spewed from the mouth of a homeless beggar you just refused to give your last smoke.”

“The Fast Takers make the kind of of buzzing, garbage-smeared, sonic-shaved balls-out rock'n'roll that many so-called "punk" bands can only dream about in their wettest sheet-soaked dreams. Yup. Fuzzed-out garage blast-off, with the perfect nihilistic snark and snot-drenched vocals. Methinks I detect a touch of glam, but, shhhhhh, don't tell anyone. It's a dirty alley fuck'n'run, all sleaze and empty kleenex-box release, and yr crawling back to yr crib like the wasted whore you know you are. ”