The Farewell Drifters / Press

"A lavish, layered pop sound that almost definitely owes more to Pet Sounds than it does to Bill Monroe. And the self-aware, coming-of-age lyrics and musical intricacies are no small part of it."

"The cobbled-together group of musicians plays with all the enthusiasm of kids opening presents on Christmas morning, unapologetic optimism practically gleaming in their eyes."

“Exuberant musical intelligence.”

“With Echo Boom, the band uses a variety of song structures to explore their generation with delightful results.”

"With Beach Boys harmonies and Avett Brothers energy, The Farewell Drifters deliver infectious bluegrass-influenced acoustic music (and killer live shows, if they happen to come your way)."

“The tuneful, sunlit melodies are embellished by layer upon layer of dreamy, perfectly perched vocal harmonies, propelled by clean, insistent rock-style strumming and laced with precise fiddle or guitar figures.”

"If it’s sunny, harmony-laden roots music you seek, these songs would make a fine addition to your next mix CD alongside the Jayhawks and Avett Brothers."

"These guys have a youthful optimism and energy that’s infectious. It's glorious and unmistakably powered by raw talent."

Jenny Crossen - Associated Content

"If a young Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel had ever gathered with Brian Wilson and the young Beach Boys and formed a Nashville string band, it might just have sounded like The Farewell Drifters."

"Before the genre gavel comes down, the judge would be advised to listen to the bulk of their album, on which The Farewell Drifters seem to be a straight-up rock/pop outfit that just happens to pick acoustic axes and lack a drummer."

Jim Allen - All Music Guide

"This young band has seemingly done the impossible; combined odd, old elements to make something new and intriguing that others hadn't thought of."

David Malachowski - Times Union

"The Farewell Drifters are among the leaders for the next generation in this unfolding epic we call American Music."

Franne Jennings - The Amplifier

"The Farewell Drifters' hybrid of retro/folk/pop is a welcome intrigue to an ever-evolving acoustic music landscape. Effectively distinguishing themselves from their traditional, and often narrowly produced, contemporaries, the clever quintet swabs heartland songs with modern acoustic production."

Andrew Greer - Christianity Today

"The Farewell Drifters play crisp acoustic pop steeped in the sunny disposition of the '60s - the '60s of The Beatles' and Beach Boys' gilded harmonies, and the Dillards' and Byrds' easygoing take on things folky and bluegrassy."

“Don't call them traditionalists: The Farewell Drifters borrow from Nickel Creek's playbook with clean, graceful tunes that pair pop songwriting with an awful lot of acoustic strings.”

Spencer Griffith - Independent Weekly

“One of the more pleasant discs I sonically supped all year. In the middle between acts like Chatham County Line and The Avett Brothers. An undefinable talent here too, something akin to what Townes Van Zandt was onto when he penned "Blue Ridge Mountains."”