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“Great music.”

“Enjoyed "Have You Tried Jesus?"”

"Have You Tried Jesus?" is great!

“Very nice. - comment on "I'll Be There"”

“You guys are good....I had to download this. God bless your ministry. - comment on "Have You Tried Jesus?"”


“Great music. May God bless you ministry.”

“Nice stuff!”

“Love your music!!”

“Your group sounds good!!”

“You have a great sound and ministry.”

“You guys are a hot item on the menu!”

“Good music and keep up the good work.”

"Have You Tried Jesus?" is awesome!


“Sounding great!”

“I was your fan since I found you on Number One Music.”

“I really enjoyed the music.”

“Praise the Lord for such sweet sweet voices. May He continue to use you all for His glory.”

“We really love your sound & would like to help spread your ministry.”

“I love your retro r&b sound. Great singing, music and songs. God bless all that you do!”

“Listening in again. Wonderful songs of inspiration and praise.”

“Great music!”

“Nice sounds for the Lord!”

“Great vibes!! God bless!!”

“Amen! Glory to God!”

“Love how God's people work for Him...praise the Lord!”

“Great vibes!!! God bless!”

“I like "Have You Tried Jesus?"!”

“Man y'all can sing! I really like that "I'll Be There"....y'all got that jazzy flavor!”

“Wishing you much success with your music.”


“Hi I'm Joy J just stopping by to support your ministry! Loving your Music! Keep Pressing!”

“I thoroughly enjoy your group! You guys have an awesome sound!”

“Wow!!! I Would love to play this song!”

“I really enjoyed this song, and I love the message!!! Great Job!”

“You got some serious talent.”

“Love y'all dearly!”

“Ok God is good....go head!”

“I like the lyrics and the vocal work. Jesus is ALRIGHT by me!”

“Okayy thatz great bless yall keep it going!”

“No one can love us like Jesus! Amen!”

“Amen to this song!!!!”

“I love the instrumentals in your music. Great messages.”

“Really great....God bless you!”

“Really appreciate your music & ministry!”

“Hello, love the music.”

“Just love your music and love Jesus too.....bless you all and your music in the name of Jesus!!”

“Listened, Fanned and Friended!”

“Hey guys, love your tunes. Check out the radio show at http://christiansongwriting.org.....we'd love to have you on there.”

“Great work guys.....God bless!”

“Hey, great sound!!”

“Like it...very good!!”

“Beautiful to listen to.... professional and delivered with honest passion! God Bless!”

“Hey, congrats on that #1 spot! Keep up the good work!”

“Beautiful Music! Keep up the Lord's work and be blessed! :-)”

“Wonderful Tracks!!”

“Such good truth! Definitely has inspiration from Psalms! =]”

“This is a God inspired song....Beautiful soulful song!”

“Hi! Found your music here on RN! Vocals, Songs, Production...You've got it all! Just a matter of time! Good Luck & God Bless! Best~~Rob ~~bi”

“I love your music, i hope you have a really successful year.”

“Beautiful, moving and inspiring!”

“Blessings, it’s a pleasure to hear you worship our heavenly Father through songs! Your video was added to Devine Jamz Gospel Network YouTube playlist and can be viewed on both of our official websites “Video” page at: (devinejamz.net) and (devinebroadcasting.com). I pray for success in your music ministry and may God continue to anoint you through your songs!”

“Pretty awesome sounds!”

“Hey, I'm addicted to your music ever since I heard it first time. Anyway, I think the force is with you and your talent is amazing! :)”

“OMG!! I really like your songs....my favorite is Have You Tried Jesus? Keep making more music.....hope everything's good!”

“Soulfully beautiful.”

“Awesome tune. *I'll Be There*”

“As you already know ur music is the best! I look forward to new hits like I'll Be There!”

“Your music makes my day today!”

“Superb music and singing here, wow!! Love the voice and music and message you guys are great!”

“Great music, lots of harmony and very powerful message in each song. Thanks for the fan and sharing your awesome gifts and talent. I enjoyed the video "Have You Tried Jesus"!”

“Beautiful songs & vocals, absolutely brilliant, stunning performances; you're so gifted & talented...keep up the fantastic work! God Bless you! My very best wishes to you from England! - Rob”

“I only promote great music and you guys rock!”

“Great music...STAY CONNECTED!!”

“I've tried Him...He's life changing!! Blessings to you all in 2013!! *Song - Have You Tried Jesus?*”

“I like your sound, I pray God will continue to open doors for you!”

“I love your music, expecting more in 2013! Without a doubt you're going to be HUGE..I can see it...Never GIVE UP!!! We - YOUR FANS be there for you always!!! Can you add to your music list more tunes? pls ;)”

“Nice and smooth groove....God bless!”

"Have You Tried Jesus"!! Great!!!

“Great message, reminds me of my song The Answer....check it out. GOD BLESS!! *I'll Be There* YES I HAVE, AND WHAT A BEAUTIFUL SONG!! *Have You Tried Jesus?* I admire your marketing skills and dedication to the faith. You truly inspire me! May you continue to be a blessing as God continues to bless you.”

“Hi!! Your music is just wonderful. I hope someday to meet you....I'm really a fan. I've sent invitations of your Number One page to all my address book....believe in your dreams and follow your way! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!”

“Great music...keep going strong for the kingdom....Amen.”

“Love your music. Vocals on point and message is real. Real music for real times.”

“Cool music here....great vocals!!”

“Awesome and cool music! I'll Be There is a favorite of mine! Glad to be your fan! :)”

“The 2 music tracks that have taken u to the # 1 spot have inspired me 2 continue 2 move forward with my passion & craft. Ur bio was nice 2 read seeing that most of u are ministers like myself. CHRIST BLESS U & thx 4 the indie artist support !!! "Tha Minista"”

“Nice and smooth!”

“Great stuff, very nice....love and blessings! *Have You Tried Jesus?* Another hit, you guys are great.....silky! *I'll Be There*”

“Holy Spirit filled ministry. I like what you're doing. Keep up the good work. God is blessing!”

“Nice music....enjoyed listening! Like the "I'll Be There" song!”

“Great singing!! I love the songs and the vocals of "Faithful Few". May the Lord bless your ministry with many souls added to the Kingdom of God through your ministry.”

“In order to do music ministry, there must be ministry in your music and in your life....that's what The Faithful Few Music Ministry in all about....spreading the gospel through music!”

“Y'all sound great so keep up the good hits. God bless you.”

“I'll Be There is awesome!!! Much love ♥ ♥ ♥”

“Very nice.....loved it!”

“Love the spirit in your music!”

“Hello, I love your music.”

“Loving your tune Have You Tried Jesus?”

“Hey...I keep playing Have You Tried Jesus? over and over. Wishing you the best in everything you do and hoping for your life to be filled with all the good things you enjoy.”

“Awesome God filled music, God Bless and thanks for the add.”

“What a Blessed sound! Thanks for the friendship add, Christian Fam! GOD's continued Blessings upon U all in the Holy Name of JESUS! -jbsoul”

“Hello FFMM!! I so enjoyed your heart warming songs!! Continued blessings to you, your ministry, and all that you do....”

“May God continue to bless you and your ministry so that you all can be a blessing to others.”

“Very nice music....the feel is great, and its very uplifting!!”

“I love your music guys!! You are great!!! =D”

“Blessings from Kenya!! Please know we love you so much in Kenya and we are lifting all of you in our prayers. May God continue to lift you as you all praise and worship Him. Our Church also have a very powerful praise and worship team, and I pray that one day the Lord God of Israel will send you here and see what is happening here in Mbita Kenya. Shalom”

“May God continue to bless you and your ministry.”

“Stay faithful to God and let Him take you higher.”

"I'll Be There" is a good song. Love the arrangement of the instruments....yes, I like "I'll Be There". Blessings to you all!

“Listening now. Sounds good.”

“Amen.!!! Gr8 Song!! :) God bless!”

“Awesome Track! Pleasure to meet you! :)”

“Thank you for passing on the enlightening and beautiful music.....have a wonderful week! Cheers from the 'Cove!”

“I love your music.”

“Thank you for visiting my page and 4 being a blessing with your gift of song, I love Have You Tried Jesus! May the Lord Jesus bless u always!”

“Hey what's up The Faithful Few Music Ministry....I'm really digging your music!! I was on ReverbNation and I came across ya page. I played Have You Tried Jesus… and I like it, cool song.”

“Beautiful songs and thank you for sharing.”


“I love you all's music!”

“Wonderful warm vocals. Beautiful message and music.”

“The Lord is making a way for you all!!”

“:-) WOW....I Really Love the Vocals, Lyrics & Spirit!”

“Nice, very anointed music...I love it...thanks! Sounds great....God bless!”

“You guys are great!”

“How very sweet of you! Thank you.....and very nice might I add!”

“Like it!”

“You have a nice sound! You can join indiegospel.org for free exposure and the gospel-jukebox.com for sales. They are both free.”

“Our family really enjoyed the music and the ministry that The Faithful Few presented last night at IWU!! I hope we will be able to bring you back again soon!!”

“I listened to one of your music videos last night on YouTube, and I really like your style of music.”

Brenda (I inspire) Simmons - Facebook

“Just listened to "Have You Tried Jesus?".....it was a very laid back, smooth song. Good job.”

Heather (Jehovah Jireh is my provider) Petty - Facebook

“I'm not religious, but the words in the song mean so much to me right now...thank you. God bless! ”

“Beautiful! :-)”

“A track with todays pain to give a chance to find your way out...if not for His grace & mercy, were would we be???????? Love this!!”

“I'll Be There is AWESOME!!! Thank you for sending me that song. I will be sharing that for sure!”

Granpubah - Last.fm

“This is lovely.....very nice! Thanks for sharing!”

“Wow, anointed voices!!! Yes I've tried Jesus, and I know that I'll never be deceived!!! Shine by His light!”

Boco Helmina - MySpace

“I have 80 who I've accepted as friends and a few minutes ago I sent out the message to quite a few of them and asked them to listen and share....so far many have written back to show their appreciation. Thanks for sending such greatness, you are a fantastic group. As you know, your music is about to reach the stars...God bless and thanks for opening the door and letting the world come inside to hear such greatness. You all are fabulous and anointed! Be that BLESSING that God has chosen you all to be to this sinful world! You're on your way to Heaven...just keep praising and singing because we all are enjoying!”

Cheryl (smoothwoman) - Last.fm

“U guys r all great I look forward 2 new videos and hearing more songs...God bless u 2!! :) BTW, whose the drummer? He's bad!!”

“Great music you got...could be #1 on anyones music chart.”

Certified Money Gettas (CMG) - ReverbNation

“Good music!”

Lecold - ReverbNation

“Love the music!”

Raine - ReverbNation

“Pray your ministry will touch many lives in this hour.”

Pastor Darrel Humphrey - Twitter

“Keep that focus on our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!!!”

Living In Tension - ReverbNation

“Listened to both songs and enJOYed them so much! Love the guitar ride on the bridge of "Have You Tried Jesus". This is high quality, ministering music well worthy of recognition and approbation. Praying for your blessing and thankful for your beautiful sounds! Peace & Love & JOY!”

Mark Lajoie of Living Waters Music - Facebook

“Great anointed music. Keep up the calling of Psalmist that God has placed upon you.”

Rock Rio Studio - ReverbNation

“I enjoyed listening to your music......praise music! Stay blessed!”

Chosen the Disciple - ReverbNation

“Awesome music!! I really enjoyed listening.....you have all been blessed with a great gift. Keep up the good work & stay blessed!! ”

Michelle Leon - ReverbNation

“The flow of soulful emotion, mesmerizing voices and delivery brings the gospel message home to us in a convincing way and joy of the Lord into the hearts.”

Jim Davis - ReverbNation

“We are in God's Service. Keep the Faith...you are blessed!!! We Love your Music Ministry......Spirit 2 Spirit.”

Denny Jenkins - Facebook

“Very smoooth top notch vocals.....God is blessing y'all! Keep speaking that Good News....playing you guys in the morning to get started!”

I.M.E. - ReverbNation

“Great respect to your outstanding work and music!”

Second Journey - ReverbNation

“May God continue to bless you and your music ministry!”

Kenn E. & Celia Waller Boone - ReverbNation

“You guys are awesome!”

Cynthia Moreland - Facebook

“Your group is extremely talented. Keep it going :) God bless you!”

Angella Moreland - Facebook

“Amen and may God's blessing and anointing be always on The Faithful Few!”

Eva Williams - Facebook

“Everyone all over the world can be moved and touched by the Holy Spirit through music even without words. Music is a ministry and always has been.”

Wilda Jeanne Chambers Lipperd - Facebook

“I love what I hear and see, keep it up!! God's smiling at cha' for your faithful work on His behalf!!!”

Warfare Entertainment - ReverbNation


Kelly Deaver - ReverbNation