The Ex-Boogeymen / Press

“Slithering from the murky swamps of Gainesville, Florida, The Ex-Boogeymen are self-professed “Devil Rock Revivalists”, playing some garage-punk, ala The Cramps, fronted by a raspy-voiced singer that sounds like a gothic Tom Waits. On this two-song single (a precursor for the upcoming split with the prolific Waylon Thornton, who also produces) Reverend Liaison’s deep-throated sermons are punctuated by surfy guitar leads and a vibe of reverb-drenched creepiness.”

“Like the old saying goes, once you invite a vampire into your house they can come and go as they please: this album is a vampire. Take it for a spin and Reverend Liaison will immediately sink his “hooks into you.” The next thing you know you’ll find yourself at an Ex-Boogeymen show, drinking cheap wine, surrounded by leather jackets and tattoos, getting those inexplicable spins. It won’t be long until you find yourself speaking in tongues, dancing to their old-school-gothic-punk-rock vibe. If it’s your first time seeing them don’t be surprised if you wake up in a ditch covered in amniotic fluid. You will be reborn.”

“If you want a bridge between garage rock and horror punk, then The Ex-Boogeymen are the band you want to see.”

“One time the goth kid who sings for this band tied my limbs to bedposts with burlap straps and force-fed me fake-blood Jello shots made of Karo syrup. It got me all jonesed up for the main course, which of course was cocaine-stuffed roasted garlic. We hung strands of it from our necks and snorted out the cloves while hanging upside down from the rafters of the attic of the Future House in Gainesville. Then he ate my asshole.”

“When you walk into Uncle Lou’s you have expectations that we all understand and don’t need to be repeated, but on the other hand, we have expectations of a different kind. I expect a good show with energy, sweat, and most importantly passion. The Ex-Boogeymen put on the kind of show that Lou’s is infamous for. The lead singer, Reverend Liaison, dawned a black tank top and briefs while strutting kissing and hugging his way through the crowd. The Lou’s faithful were enjoying every minute with fists in the air as they’re dancing and jumping to the beat. It was one of the most engaging and entertaining performances I’ve seen in quite some time.”

“The creepy zombie male nurse there in competition for the blood award turned out to be the singer of The Ex-Boogeymen. Considering I don’t really consider myself a punk rock fan, The Ex-Boogeymen were pretty awesome. My fave was “Fuck the Sun” as that is how I feel most of the year living in Florida. And there was crowd surfing and moshing. Hockey players, tall girls in pumpkin dresses and the male nurse’s female counter part all got in there and it was great.”

"But what besides an acute fashion sense and neato gear did they bring to the table, as in sound-wise? Garage, that’s what. Metric tons of good ol’ american-made rock ’n’ roll... Loud sloppy guitar solos drenched in reverb, a driving rhythm section, and a front man whose onstage manic ranting carries on a tradition established by greats like Peter Wolf, David Johansen, the Nuge, and Screamin’ Jay Hawkins. What’s not to dig?”

"The Ex-Boogeymen are some Gainesville locals that I would stab a motherfucker for. True cats with rock 'n' roll in their blood (and god knows what else.) They're bringing it all home with some real Goth'd out pop with dirty 60's vibes and style all their own... I swear you'll feel it in your ass when they get goin'... do your best to catch 'em like the greasy fuckin' virus they are. When I say Grime Punk, this is what I mean."