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“If you can simply sit back and enjoy poppy rock song you will have no problem taking all of Alright in and playing it on repeat. This isn’t an experimental album and the songs aren't pushing any boundaries. The band plays into their strengths, which is making catchy songs that are extremely easy to swallow. Overall, Alright is a very consistent album that has a ton of replay value and fits for a myriad of situations. It’s good music to work out to, have on at a party or just listen to while sitting in your apartment. Recommended. (Click for full review!)”

“Southern Oregon is neither short on bands, nor on good ones. But some bring that extra something special that goes beyond just kicking out the jams; they do it in a way that audiences don’t just passively absorb as background, but get on board with and say, “these are my guys.” And that special quality is why readers picked The Evening Shades as this year’s favorite local band. The Evening Shades brand of straight-forward power-pop is catchy and danceable, and its members earnest and likeable. Their album is great on every song. But what sets them apart more than anything, is that after checking one of their shows, you can’t help but wanna grab a beer with ‘em and say, “let’s be best friends.””

“Peppy smart intelligent modern guitar-driven pop. In a world where everyone seems inclined to overproduce and overlayer, Alright stands out because it has a nice simple sound that allows the listener to focus on things that matter like songs and melodies. And considering how good the songs and melodies are here, it's nice to be able to easily discern what's going on. Shades songs have a nice tight vibe and they're a totally upbeat experience. The rhythms are persistent and infectious. The guitars are mainly rhythm instruments, played with force and conviction. And the vocals are the icing on the cake. Refreshing effervescent tracks include "Forgive Me," "Here and Now," "Second to None," and "Any Louder (Can We Make This)." Quite a debut. These guys are doing everything right.”

“A sound all their own...check Influenced by British pop, hip hop, hard rock, metal, classical...whoa there that's enough to stomach already, and it's all accurate. These Oregon lads have something rather special to share with us, and only any one of these twelve tracks will warn you not to expect what you're in for from.the other eleven. Amidst ‘All About You', ‘Forgive Me', ‘‘Sacred', ‘Trampoline', ‘Second To Bond's and ‘Can't Afford To Die', you can dance, slam, skate, swing or even strap on a guitar and sit on the doorstep - your choice for the Evening Shades certainly cater for all needs. Swirly alternative rock sounds with slick contemporary metal and classy acoustic ambience send you through a tunnel which you almost want to turn round at the end of, only a sign seems to show up pointing at you to return to the end you came in at. Deep but dance-inciting, 'Alright' certainly the word to yell at these lads should they offer to carry on with the rest of the show. ”

“Time for some indie rock out of Oregon, and even if this probably my least favourite style of music, I do know a good band when I hear one. And The Evening Shades certainly seem to know what they’re doing. it may be the slightly punky edge to some of the songs which lift them above the morass but songs like ‘Any Louder’, ‘Forgive Me’ and ‘Lonesome Seas’ have more life about them than most of their contemporaries. People have said that they take their cues from bands like The Strokes, Muse and Blink 182, and it’s that conglomeration of influences that make them listenable. Apparently the original recordings for this album were lost to a power outage, and the retakes were largely down live to tape. Maybe that’s what gives it life. But as indie goes, this is the good stuff.”

“This band have an ear for a decent melody taking in influences from jangly indie guitar pop through to the pop punk beloved of US bands. If you listen to nothing else from this band I urge you to listen to ‘All About You’. A magnificent tune that has a massive harmony vocal filled chorus. ‘Trampoline’ lets the guitars fly and recalls those US pop punk bands like Green Day and Blink 182, impressive stuff. From this they can go all indie rock on ‘Gameshow’, again the band have a good ear for a decent chorus. Impressive album, featuring some top notch songs and they deserve a chance in the very crowded musical world out there. ****”

“Do Yourself a Favor and Spend an Evening with THE EVENING SHADES. It was impossible to keep your feet from tappin' and the urge to dance wouldn't stop. The dance floor was packed with beautiful people getting crazy for the majority of the set. You couldn't help but just feel good. If you're looking for an escape from a miserable day, or just wondering how to have a good time the next time these gentlemen are performing, find out where they're playing and experience a show that will leave you wanting more. I truly see these guys playing in front of stadium crowds some day.”

“The Evening Shades move on to the finals of the annual 2015 Rising Stars hosted by South Stage Cellars and Britt Festival! Learn a little about their new members! (Semi Finals news article featuring The Evening Shades).”

“Believe me when I tell you that these boys bring the heat! The vocals are amazing, the instrumentals are beautiful, agonizing, and sweet eargasmic pleasure! (Click for full review)”

“The Evening Shades is a band that defies categorization. Each member of the Medford-based band — Mark Anthony on vocals and guitar, Matthew Tayvis on bass and keyboard, Stephen Kay on lead guitar and Brandon Amador on drums — cites a different set of musical influences from the rest, which leads to an eclectic array of material. No two songs on the band's debut EP "Time" sound alike. "Hit Me" is a piano-driven ballad reminiscent of Coldplay, while "Cold Winter's Night" has the band exploring hard rock territory. Because of this, fans of different music genres can find something to like from The Evening Shades.”

“The Evening Shades cast a light shadow on the Rogue Valley music scene with their tasty blend of soulful songs. Their cross-genre approach to songwriting is punctuated by the playful lyrics and soaring melodies of singer Marks' incantations over a foundation of rhythmic riffs and hooks from multi-instrumentalist Matt, acoustic-electric guitarist Rory, and straight-ahead drummer Brandon. Classic R&B and Soul melds with quirky, indie Rock, giving rise to a refreshing, upbeat, danceable repertoire of original tunes that put audiences on their feet. As the day winds down, the Evening Shades conjure up a musical energy that keeps the party going all night long.”

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