The Etiquette / Press

“Oh you fancy, huh? The Etiquette from Dallas, TX is a five-piece group of handsome guys wanting to make you dance. With catchy beats and melodies and raps to make you break it down, The Etiquette chose a proper name to help establish a sophisticated image. Currently, the band has been working hard in the studio and just released their first single, "Hot Tonight." Vocalist/guitarist Paul Wade took some time off from working on their upcoming release to tell us why The Etiquette chose to keep it classy.”

“If you like techno dance music, you will enjoy "Hot Tonight." It's fairly easy to picture this song being played in a popular club downtown. With sensual vocals at the verses, just imagine yourself at a club dancing real close with an attractive stranger and they whisper in your ear. The club is packed, dark, and only illuminated with flashing colorful lights. The lyrics even allude to that kind of atmosphere. Something very interesting about the song would have to be the rap/breakdown at the bridge, partly because it is unexpected. You're grooving to an electronic sound then you're hit with rap. It's brief, but still keeps you sucked into the music. ”