The Erotics / Press

“This is a must have for all rock roll fans one of the best releases I’ve heard all year. (Groovy the Metal Chicken)”

“One of the most curiously under the radar bands who have been creating top notch sleazy punk rock ‘n roll since the 1990s is The Erotics. Like the Ramones, their formula is simple. Unlike the Ramones, they are vicious, biting, caustic, acerbic, surgical, pissed-off/pissed-on, and rabid. Above all else, they write the best “anthems to anger” you could possibly hear. Their new release, United We Can’t Stand, is all of the above, and much more”

“The production is appropriate for the music, meaning it’s not overly slick and it’s not perfect, which in my opinion makes it more appealing. You almost feel like you’re listening to them live. It’s so far removed from what you hear in modern rock nowadays, which might be the best compliment I can give them. I highly recommend you pick up this one AND their “Best Of” release to either introduce or catch up with The Erotics.”

“After all these years, The EROTICS still have a lot to say.”

“‘United We Don’t Stand’ is 8 songs of The Erotics at their finest – a glorious collection of hard driving rock ‘n’ roll mayhem that fuses punk and sleaze effortlessly whilst delivering typically well observed lyrics rife with sarcasm and with a thankful total disregard for political correctness.”

“It’s so catchy there will be a vaccination around soon I hear… It’s also further proof that one of my favorite songwriters just gets better with age.”

“Mixing the sleaze of early Faster Pussycat with punk edge of The Ramones, The Erotics do not reinvent the wheel with the three songs on their latest mini-album Three Sheets To The Wind but simply deliver a nasty sleaze dripping three songs that all rock from start to finish.”

“While most bands get wiser and softer as they get older, The EROTICS are taking the opposite way, sounding rougher and harder with every new release. Their previous CD “Preaching To The Choir” was a raw double live album, and here they are now with 3 brand new songs that sound as if you were standing in the studio with them. “Three Sheets To The Wind” offers us some killer sleazy heavy rock with a guitar riff reminding of the best of MÖTLEY CRÜE, “Last To Arrive, First To Die” is a catchy track, in the vein of the MURDERDOLLS, and “Little Miss Misserable” is a cool dirty heavy rock’n’roll song that can appeal to both hard rock and punk rock’n’roll fans. Keeping the sleazy rock flame alive, The EROTICS are just back from a tour in the UK, and they will be celebrating their 20th anniversary in February 2016… Crazy!/Laurent C. http://www.eroticrocknroll.net Facebook page”

“The title track opens ups like second album Faster Pussycat on an AC/DC tip before unfurling into a love letter to classic Aerosmith... and that's '70s Aerosmith, none of the MTV shite”

“The Erotics, from Albany, NY are what Rock ‘n‘ Roll is supposed to be: dirty! This Capital Region sleaze-Punk outfit, led by vocalist-guitarist Mike Trash, scoffs at trends and puts out one grimy Rock anthem after another. The purposely-unpolished new album, Today the Devil, Tomorrow the World, produced by the legendary Don Fury, boasts a kick-ass title track and heartfelt numbers like “She Sucks the Life.” This band has been a staple on my local music show, EQX-Posure, for a decade. Catch them live in Albany on October 10 (appropriately, opening for LA Guns) and love them like I do!”

“The Erotics, an Albany-based hard rock band consisting of Mike Trash on lead guitar and vocals, Billy Beer on bass and backup vocals, and Johnny Riott on drums, have been a part of the local music scene for more than a decade.”

“The follow-up to the band's shit-hot All That Glitters is Dead, Rock N Roll Killing Machine betters its celebrated predecessor in a mere six songs. Mike Trash and his sleazy crew are at their best here, blending glam rock, metal and punk into a fragrant stew that will satisfy the taste buds of fans of Kiss, the Dead Boys or the Streetwalkin' Cheetahs. Big guitars, bigger hooks and Trash's crushed charcoal snarl give rockers like the demanding "I Wanna Be Somebody," the cheerfully vulgar "Drink, Fight, and F*ck" ("Tonight's gonna end with a four-letter word!") and the smashing title toon a character that thrives on rock & roll. Taking his writing to the next level, Trash even gets sincere on "Only a Fool," a power ballad that beats anything by Aerosmith or Guns 'N Roses all to hell. Get that mini-skirt and those air guitars ready, folks. Michael Toland”

“When it comes to unadulterated sleaze there are few bands quite as unapologetically trashy as The Erotics – with an emphasis on the ‘rot’.”

“Over two decades of slugging it out in the music industry in relative obscurity is either dedication or complete insanity. For Mike Trash it is likely a bit of both, as his current project The Erotics released their debut way back in 1997 and have since evolved from punk influenced rockers to sleazy gutter dwellers. You could say The Erotics sound like Wednesday 13, without painting themselves into a silly horror themed corner, or an over-the-top and out-of-control Alice Cooper meets the Ramones.”

“If you don't like The Erotics then there's something wrong with you. Then again, that could still be the case even if you do.....”

“At the end of the day if you like your Rock N Roll dirty and devoid of anything but the desire for a good time ‘Preaching…’ is absolutely essential to your well-being. This is the sort of album you can throw off all the shackles of the mundane to and live out that rock and roll fantasy even if your guitars are made of air and your voice would make even your nearest and dearest run for cover.”

“If you’re already a fan, then this live album will be a good addition to your collection, and if you haven’t heard them before, then it will be a great introduction to The EROTICS.”

“The Albany, New York band prides itself on putting the sleaze in sleaze rock, and perhaps they’ve finally tipped the scales on their new five-song EP, Boulevard of Choking Screams, thanks to the song “Wheelchair Fantasies of the Dumb and Retarded,” in which they make references to the short bus, rejects, and wanking off to nuns.”

“5 new songs by Mike Trash's gang that will be released on two British record labels, Big Zee Records and Trashpit Records in March 2012. "Death With a Heartbeat" is a heavy horror punk metal song that set things up from the start: The EROTICS have been very good to mix sleaze and horror rock atmospheres on their last records and the keep on walking on the same bloody path. ”

“ In truth ‘Boulevard of Choking Screams’ is another masterstroke from a band that doesn’t seem to be able to put a foot wrong. Opening track ‘Death With A Heartbeat’ has you thinking that old Uncle Alice (Cooper) has taken a step back in time to front vintage Crue, but with a chorus that neither can manage these days. ”

“ The Erotics Boulevard of Choking Screams Later this year, Albany’s favorite sleaze-rock merchants the Erotics are set to release a new five-song EP. The band returned to hardcore master Don Fury’s Troy studio for Boulevard of Choking Screams, a follow-up to last year’s blistering Today the Devil, Tomorrow the World, which cranked the vitriol way past 11. Boulevard of Choking Screams continues unrepentantly down the wrathful path, with the murderous stomper “Death With Heartbeat,” the deliciously profane kiss-off tune “Hell Is Where My Heart Is,” and the baiting “Wheelchair Fantasies of the Dumb and Retarded.” Only “Another Girl Gone” reveals a glimmer of regret, while the EP’s first single, “Your Bloody Frankenstein,” released in advance just before Halloween, turns that regret on its head and strangles the life out of it. –Kirsten Ferguson ”

“I’m generally a bit wary of the sleazy style of rock as a lot of the time you find that bands are doing it for the sake of it, almost as they figured it would get them a lot of girls or something! These guys on the other hand have managed to create tracks which showcase that style of music (and well) whilst keeping the real rock and punk edge there and making you want to hear more. Their music is perfectly suited to the live scene and I for one would love to get out there to see how they handle the stage, based on this I think it’s going to be pretty damned awesome! Highly recommended! ”

“The Erotics have been an underground sleaze rock institution for many years now, 21st century sons-of-bitches born to destroy, rock n’ roll killing machines, cartoon characters drawn from the greasy strands of Satan’s semen, whose one constant is their gutter-bound genius, the Albany river rat himself, Mike Trash. You won’t find Trash’s name on any mainstream best-of lists, but the fact of the matter is he’s written some of the motliest riffs this side of Shout at the Devil and takes Alice Cooper’s venomous snarl to corrosive new lows.”

“In my take on the Universe the Erotics are a major player, taking the best from a slew of cool bands they serve up dark sleazy, dirty mayhem in a way that is insanely catchy and certainly dark enough not to even contemplate taking them home to meet your family. ”

“'Today The Devil, Tomorrow The World' may be the seventh studio release from Albany, New York based 'The Erotics', but for the best part the band have remained in the depths of the underground. Having first come across the band with their 2003 release 'All That Glitters Is Dead', my ears were excited by the promise that this new album was to be a return to sleazy, trashy, pop metal fuelled anthems that first attracted me to the band...and that promise sure has been delivered”

“When someone listens to "Blast Off", the first track on Today The Devil, Tomorrow the World, the first thing that they're going to hear is a punkier version of the Murderdolls -- which isn't necessarily a bad thing. It proves that while some bands sing about the same thing repeatedly, other groups are capable of making the songs sound different from each other. That's the main thing The Erotics deliver, because unlike the Murderdolls, they use different riffs and bring about different aspects in the subject matter. ”

“Album number five from Albany, New York’s scummiest and as opener “Blast Off” proves from the off, they sure as hell ain’t got any mellower during their time away as Mike Trash snarls out “Until the day I destroy your name, I won’t rest in peace”. The sheer venom in his voice, I can quite easily believe he means it as well… I have a bit of a theory here actually and that theory goes like this – Mike Trash, like myself, was a bit disappointed with the Murderdolls’ rather half-hearted comeback last year and has decided to set his stall out to fill the gap in the scum-rock scene that Wednesday 13 ill-advisedly vacated a few years back. Certainly, the likes of “Over My Dead Body” and “19 Goin’ On Homicidal” wouldn’t have sounded out of place on “Beyond The Valley Of The Murderdolls” or maybe the Gunfire 76 album Wednesday did a couple of years back. Either way, this is fucked up and furious in the best Alice Cooper/Blackie Lawless tradition and all th”

“The Erotics can always be counted on for a good, if depraved, time and for the seventh album they've once again delivered in spades.”