The Entrance Band / Press

"Some dudes play guitar solos, Guy Blakeslee shreds. In The Entrance Band, along with Paz Lenchantin and Derek James, he’s reined it all in, harnessed the guitar magic to ridiculously tight drums and bass and turned the whole thing into much more of a group effort. Who knew we’d be able to dance to half of this album and imagine taking acid to the other half?" -- TheFADER "Tempestuous psych-blues songs that often tilt toward the epic. Blakeslee's serpentine riffing and fists-shaking-to-the-heavens vocals attest to rock's reputed redemptive power."

The Stranger

"The new all star team of pysch-rock. Guitarist and Singer Guy [Blakeslee], previously known as Entrance, delivers mind-numbingly powerful guitar tracks and vocals with a vintage crunch that would make Hendrix weep. Paz, formerly the bassist from A Perfect Circle and Zwan, smothers each song in a sweet black syrupy low end while Derek James reels it all in with ::gasp:: danceable psych-rock drumming." -

Sup Magazine

"A slinky, watertight trio that fans of sylvan freak-folk and their Cream-devoted dads could get behind. Backward-looking references come easily, especially given Blakeslee’s abject earnestness in writing songs about things like the civil rights’ movement (“MLK”) and shirtless sex jams (“You’re So Fine”). But the sheer skill of the band and their polyglot influences keep The Entrance Band contemporary."

Los Angeles Times

"... songs hopped up on hissing guitars and bulldozing drums ... three skinny-legged creepies hovering around the stage clothed in flowing sheets, drifting back and forth between here and the next dimension. The bassist moves gently like the leaves of a willow tree. As the final song reverbs in the background you see her laying down with bass wedged into an amp, issuing the war cry for a revolution you want to be part of. Look for your right mind in the parking lot. You won't find it inside."


"The Entrance Band put on a show that's nothing less than a Technicolor freakout."


"..the volatile barrage of mind-melting guitar solos, banshee wails, and wicked rhythms made for an intoxicating and incendiary spectacle – especially when bassist Paz Lenchatin shed her axe and sprang headlong into the crowd during the mammoth rocker “Grim Reaper Blues (pt. 2),” only to fight her way back on stage, strap up, and rip through the cascading crashes with seething tenacity."


"As the evening progressed, the band’s energy began to crackle with new violence. Murky, impassioned, and exquisitely gnarly, the sound didn’t take us to the battlefield but to other dimensions instead."

Denver Post

"The Entrance Band plays apocalyptic psych-rock that is so good it will make you welcome the end days with open arms, as the guitars menacingly swirl in the background and the drums echo the sound of the four horsemen."

The Washington Post

"Freak-rock transcendence ... utopian incantations ... conspiracy theories ... elegiac space jams."

Rolling Stone

"A face-melting fusion of hard rock and LSD... a masterfully spewed Jackson Pollock-like smattering of sound."

Kansas City Pitch

"roller coaster riffs worthy of The Mothers of Invention."

Vanity Fair