The Ends / Press

"Their complex and structured tunes are truly infectious and their chemistry, on and off stage, a refreshingly pleasant surprise. These guys have the drive and the talent to continue their professional careers for years to come. Explore their music catalog or witness a live show if you can... you will thank me later."

“The members’ diverse musical experiences and different musical tastes fuse together to give The Ends a variety of flavor. Musical influences range from jazz to country to rock ’n’ roll and cover songs include music by The Beatles, The Allman Brothers and Kings of Leon. “(Musical taste) varies among members, but the basic core is the same,” Coe said, who toured nationally with a heavy metal band before forming The Ends. “We love original music. That’s our main thing.” Although the band plays popular songs, Coe prefers to play original music that better reflects the creativity of The Ends, he said. The three band members compose and write songs together, which gives the music a more varied sound. “We don’t necessarily fit into one genre,” said Burgess, who believes the assortment of sounds expands the target audience.”

“How does one categorize Burlington quartet the Ends as anything other than purely American rock? Their debut EP Thousand Ways may not be perfectly polished, but it is a sturdy six-track offering that establishes the sound, attitude and quirks of a band that draws heavy influence from bands like ZZ Top, the Radiators and Clutch while imparting their own styles forged from years of performing with other acts.”