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“What is music if not a culmination of different influences? On their Reverbnation Page the band has NOFX, Sick of it All, Agnostic Front, Motorhead, and Minor Threat listed in their Sounds Like category. That is a fairly diverse sound if all of those groups were put together. But it’s true, the group weaves seamlessly between more hardcore offerings like “The Path”, to more punk tunes like “Stand Your Ground” and ”Song for the Working Class.” ”Pragmatic” actually is my vision of what a song would sound like if Pennywise collaborated with Ben Kowalewicz of Billy Talent. Songs like “Manifesto” even remind me of another favourite of mine, Broadcast Zero. If punk music really is a conversation, The Enders have paid close attention. They have listened and gathered as much information before crafting their own reply, The Ruins of Ambition. What results is a well crafted album that draws on those that came before and add their own voice to the conversation”

“Straight from Lafayette, Indiana in the fields of corn….a hardcore/punk trio with The Enders. Since 2009, The Enders have been turning heads with their aggressive mix of punk that seems to be getting stronger and harder with each recording.’The Ruins of Ambition’ is a welcoming hardcore punk rock record that will smack you in the face and have you coming back for more. The Enders are like a mix of Hudson Falcons, Motorhead, Blood For Blood, Agnostic Front… and for fuck sake they even have a cover of Minor Threat’s ‘Salad Days’ on this album. As diverse as their approach is to music somehow it all comes together, and like capturing a nuclear explosion in a bottle The Enders are unleashing hell one track at a time with ‘The Ruins of Ambition’ . If you’re looking for fast, loud, relentless hardcore punk music to kick you in the pants and get your blood pumping… ‘The Ruins of Ambition’ is the album for you… if you are looking for some pop punk stuff like Fall”

“...so awe-inspiring great live, but also so capable of writing actual songs, and you know how rare that is, that I am consistently amazed that not only do I see them in clubs, but they have yet to become egotistical wankers and not talk to me after a show. Go see (them), support them, and buy their stuff. They are amazing and I feel privileged to see them as often as I do. I’m almost tempted NOT to mention them here, for fear I’ll be going to a stadium show to see them next, but I’ll take a chance.”

“Benny is a pretty smart cat and his intellect shines through in his lyrics, these aren't songs about teenage hi-jinks or spitting in society's face. These songs cover topics that are more real, their anger is defined, it is dissected and properly explained without being tedious or lengthy about it. The Enders bring to our attention corporate greed, consumerism, our crumbling environment/ecology (without sounding like some kind of dirty god damned stinking hippies about it), and a lot of something that I think every American has felt just flat out frustration and despair over the bullshit our government does to us every day and our (citizens) apparent inability to change a fucking thing about. This album speaks volumes about the bullshit we face every day and does it to some kick ass fucking music! The music is intense, it's angry - even without the lyrics you feel the anger in the instruments and it's fucking amazing. Blue collars and bruised knuckles sums up the overall theme...”

“Holy shit. Grabbed me right away to say the least. This is a mix of hardcore and punk done right. It is midpaced for the most part with a lot of heart. "Self Deluded" sounds like something a.f.i would have done if they had a little more of an anger problem, has me hooked. "Live and Let Live Like You" reminds me of too many people now at days, unfortunately. The mix is really well done. Nothing is drowning anything else out: the vocals are on point, the drums are steady and driving. If you like a somewhat 90s feel of hardcore and punk mixed, this is it, especially if you were wondering if anyone could get it right anymore.”

"It's great to hear a band with a true talent for writing songs they feel strongly about and who can create timeless albums that will be just as hard and inspirational 30 years from now as it is in today's society. The Enders are that band and "The Ruins Of Ambition" is that album!" "...intense, yet precise, playing meshed with smart, honest lyrics about staying true to what you believe in and not being part of the human machine that society wants you to be. Individuality is the heart and soul of The Enders songs" "...if they continue to put out solid albums like TROA I think they can be just as influential as the bands that influenced them." "The band hails from Lafayette, IN, a town maybe not known for it's hardcore roots, but The Enders are about to change that by paving the way for the next generation of great hardcore. And if they continue to put out solid albums like TROA I think they can be just as influential as the bands that influenced them."

"The Enders ... play a form of hardcore that is a bit metal tinged to my ears... They’re a trio and remind me of Motorhead at times, high praise indeed. They keep the tempos blistering and the moshers sweating and turn in a very good set."

“I just dig this band. From the first rumbling of the post-punk flavored bass run that brings in "Role Model" The Enders have gone out and released another near-perfect slab of post-hardcore flavored punk... I don't know what references to toss out. Black Flag? Probably. Government Issue? Perhaps. Dag Nasty or some other cross over band? Sure. The Estranged again? Ok, but you might not know them. So what's left? What's left are 5 songs of pure charging punk. Touches of a metallic edge. A dark veil like some of the best post-punk bands of the '80's. A sneering attitude full of bile and spit... Benny No Good does a good job with the vocals, clearing the sputum and disgust from his vocal chords with the right tonality of "fuck you" but still with enough of a true singing edge that you could play this for someone who wasn't a hardcore fan... The Estranged rages to my mind, mainly because they're currently one of my favorite punk bands. Well, them and the Enders. ”

"The Enders follow on with a power surge that goes by the name of 'Martyr'. Blinkers on, the focus is on the finish line and this lot take us toward it with an extra clip in the stride. Speedy and direct with no apologies - not bad chap! The screeched breakdown instrumental is a nice after touch and so we go forth still as keen as mustard. Hot stuff hey!" (From Fungalpunk's review of the Brown Bag Propaganda Vol. 3 Compiliation)

“rip your face off, slam you against a brick wall and leave you battered and bloody in the dirt hardcore! It's hard and heavy, like a like a roundhouse kick to the face. "Stop This" is a downstroke feast for the ears about not taking shit from anyone! It's an angry up yours to a world where people who have the slightest bit of power, think they can piss on others and make them feel worthless. The Enders are not playing that game. When singer/guitarist Ben Hagood sings "I never said you could walk across my back....There ain't no way you're gonna stop this!" you believe him! He's fed up and ready to fight for what's right. This is a song for the little guy, the pissant, the people who feel they have to take it on the chin. But no more! This is a rally cry to stand up and be counted. Something a lot of us can identify with. The Enders are keeping this shit real. They don't care if you're along for the ride or not. But if you ARE, you may wanna fasten your seat belt.”

“Ridin' a riff that sounds stolen from the Scorpions "The Zoo", Iron Maiden's "Running Free" and the entire Motorhead catalog all at the same time, The Enders explode through the speakers with this two song blitzkreig of punk fury "Stop This," and "Static." "Stop This" rides that opening riffage straight into some hardcore vocal belching and a cool mid-song bass breakdown. Simple and dramatically pure. This is down-your-gullet punk rock and all the more perfect because of it. "Static" ups the guitar fury to nitrous pace with barely contained speed warpage. Vocals drop all attempts at singing, instead spitting the lyrics out in sprays of bile. Not quite hardcore but damn hard and damn core. Definitely a band to watch. ”

" in short, it's lead-pipe-to-the-shins, bust your face punk rock"

“The Enders is a band on the rise for sure.”

“(Role Model) could almost be my theme song!”

“The Enders show was f**king awesome!!”

“The Enders; a blend of Punk and Metal and a smattering of Rock. Musically speaking the vocals remind me of a strange mix of Nuclear Assault and Sacred Reich, which is odd, but works with compact, punchy riffs and the minimalist drums. The bottom line here is that The Enders have busted out a solid demo... the middle three tracks are like the delicious center of the tootsie-pop. So support your local Midwest punk-metal-thrash-rock bands and go see The Enders, buy this demo so they can make more music like tracks 3, 4 and 5. Oh, and make sure you listen all the way to the end of the final track to get the wicked sweet thrash breakdown.”