The Electric Sons / Press

"The crisp, on-point vocals effortlessly soar above and around the electrifying backdrop, catapulting “Breathing Electricity” to something worthy of being featured on a euphoric Coca Cola ad."

“All sorts of indie-electronic-pop that’s 100% Summer-ready, coming from Atlanta duo, The Electric Sons. Introduce yourselves to two musicians who are responsible for this infectious little number (which reveals its driving energy after an ambient intro) – which somehow encompasses all the spontaneous frolicking about that you all should be participating in during the coming months. Their fun, syncopated production is smooth yet will not leave you disinterested. In addition, these lyrics are as bright and youthful as their sound. Grab this download, you’ll probably become an instant fan.”

"The Electric Sons debut self titled EP is packed with four tracks that you’ll find hard not to repeat over and over."

"The Electric Sons E.P. is a terrific debut showcase for what this band can do. From the production quality to the music, vocals, and lyrics: everything is a home run. After only 4 songs they will definitely leave you wanting more, so start it over and play it again!"

"Could these guys be Georgia’s next breakout band, following the success of Reptar last year. I think so."