The Electric Rag Band / Press

"A style that is characterized by enthusiasm and lots of energy"

"The Electric Rag band reminds one of the nascent era of the deep blues and underground country scenes when the definitions for the music were nebulous, but the music always found an amiable sound. It is a respect for all styles of roots music forms but a devout loyalty to none in particular that go into that acquired underground roots taste."

"Juiced blues....nothing short of a good time"

"The record is an exhausting exercise in genre-hopping and offers more twists than you can count on a single listen."

"roots music that you want in your favorite music pub"

Rootstime (Belgium)

"Electric Rag Band are a breath of fresh air."

"terrific grooves and riffs that keep their music from ever becoming repetitious or tiresome."

3rd Coast Music

“ERB's intoxicating blend of sounds is fermented in the history of all American music, from Piedmont blues (also called East Coast blues) to punk rock. It's drinking music. It's dancing music. It's thinking music. ”

“The tunes are more complex than any three-chord rock ditty, and they combine a rich mix of blues, Americana, rockabilly, ragtime, country, folk and straight-up rock 'n' roll”

“Every band thinks it's a 'roots' band, but The Electric Rag Band has a pedigree even chemical stump-remover couldn't extract.”

Thomas Conner - Tulsa World

“The Electric Rag Band is the coolest band I've heard come through these parts in a long, long time.”