The Electric Primadonnas / Press

“The album sounds like the sort of surreal dreams the collective must have been having in the time leading up to last month’s release. Clergymen plays like a version of Alice in Wonderland painted in pastel watercolors: bold ideas and bolder actions portrayed by a watchful eye and deliberate stroke of the hand — bright, but purposefully restrained. The Electric Primadonnas bring a light, fun spin into their respective dips into dream pop (the deliciously dazed “The Bird”), freak folk (opener “Underpants,” moving in early moments like Merriweather Post Pavilion-era Animal Collective) and straight-up psychedelia (the mushroom-fed “The Night”). The Primadonnas can recall anyone from Beach House and Pink Floyd (“Intuition”) to Grizzly Bear and Tame Impala (album highlight “I’m Not Certain Anymore”), even within the span of a couple of minutes. It’s the sort of impressive musical prowess and flexibility that is getting harder and harder to find.”

"Auxilarate Sits Down With The Electric Primadonnas"

“Nice People is a music label based in Norman, Oklahoma. They release great music, made by nice people. While they eventually plan to make physical releases (CD, Vinyl, Cassette, DVD, etc.) available, for now they will release several mp3 singles for free over the coming months. Their newest single comes from Oklahoma City band The Electric Primadonnas.”

““The Electric Primadonnas keep it short and sweet on their debut LP, with 13 tracks clocking in at just under 40 minutes. A quality that definitely compliments their brash, pseudo 70’s pop-rock style. Chris Anderson’s tasty guitar riffs and Brit-esque vocals make Tambourine Massacre sound like it should have been released on vinyl.” - NONzine”