The Electric Lungs / Press

“The Electric Lungs steamroll through their songs with an abandon that some may call “reckless” but I feel is closer to “playful.” The band seems so excited by the sounds they are able to create that they feel compelled to explore continually their sonic spectrum–an aesthetic that makes them as fun to watch as listen to.”

“Simplified and Civilized, a debut that goes off like a bomb in a mailbox.”

“They play THEIR music, THEIR expression, stripped of any notion of what it’s “supposed” to sound like. With Simplified and Civilized, they play the role of trendsetters, not trend followers.”

“For me, hearing this band was like coming home from a long vacation. Raw, frustrated rock-n-roll. The lead singer of The Electric Lungs, Tripp Kirby, is an engaging front man with solid vocal chops. The Electric Lungs that I experienced was a fierce, driven band.”

"Simplified & Civilized" chugs forth with it's rockabilly stomp spitting smooth, grinding, grooves and punk rock choruses & becomes an unrelenting beast of perpetual Clash-esque strutting.

“In the end, you end up with something punky, something rockabilly, something proggy, sort of like Yes and Black Flag sharing a Bloody Mary at Brian Setzer’s wine mixer.”