The Electric Hearts / Press

“Powerful vocals, shredding guitars, and straight up rock’n roll is what you’ll find with their self titled album.”

“The album is solid top to bottom.”

“This group has managed something I didn’t think possible, pull off both an effortlessly smooth Motown number and a rocking song that has a hook Led Zeppelin would be proud of, on the same album!”

“What with The White Stripes calling it quits, the state of blues-oriented rock music today is more dire than ever…To be the next genre torchbearer, we need someone with a howling banshee of a voice and the rhythm section to back them up, with all the genre trimmings and a nice sprinkle of hipness on top. Jessica Breanne & The Electric Hearts is that band.”

“Breanne…leads the tracks with a raw, husky voice that registers somewhere between the late-great Janis Joplin and current pop sensation Adele. The vocals are no doubt the strongest point of the band’s sound, although The Electric Hearts provide solid accompaniment with catchy blues riffs and occasional horns.”

“Download the new single, "Shame Shame," by Jessica Breanne & The Electric Hearts. It's free for the taking on their Bandcamp page, and it's in preparation of their new album. Sounds like something a cool daddy should be listening to...--Erin Manning”