The Electric Era / Press

“The more I listened, the more I heard the beauty of certain tracks. Atmospheric breakdowns and harmonies of One Million Light Bulbs, the rhythmical urgency and clear cut grooves of Object (World Of My Own) and the descending chordal motif of Small World #6 kept my ears riveted, as did the variety of interesting section breaks and chord palette. The Electric Era seem to enjoy comparisons with the seminal likes of The Verlaines and The Clean, and this album is definitely worth exploring if you’re a fan of ’80s synths and unadorned vocal simplicity, cut to modern grooves, interspersed with crunchy guitar and bass.”

“I listened to the album a few times through since yesterday and I'm all the more impressed by the quality of your songs, performances, arrangements and production. An observation I’ve made is that - while online social channels like ReverbNation and SoundCloud are a great way to hear new music and make new friends - there’s no substitute for hearing the continuity of a complete work. I’ve been a fan of your music for quite a while now, but hearing the album end to end really completes the experience. Sand Dunes and Bird Song is a fantastic LP.”

“You guys are the next Rock revolution… something to believe in again.”

“Phoenix is tremendous. Terrifyingly hypnotic, the sonic angles took my breath away. I felt as if I'd stumbled upon a mysterious secret ritual.”

“Love the way how you dare to experiment and make every song a masterpeace with a tiny nihilistic touch on each of them.”

“Love it. It's like Talking Heads meets The Clash, Kiwiana Style!”

“I really enjoy this. I'm a HUGE fan of groups such as Franz Ferdinand and Klaxxons, and your tunes have that same outstanding vibe.”

“I hear a combination of many bands that were underscored yet if played today would be the score. This is music.”

“... like the B-52's meets Bauhaus... i get you!!!”

“I love the lyrics in Object (A World of My Own) I feel that way and totally relate...great song!!!!”

“A different and cool style of music. Excellent creations! Pinned you in Cool Bands From Around The World.”

“angular and propulsive”

“WOW. Just listened to "Phoenix". This is the kind of wonderful musical journey that takes you down a path through the woods. Each element is clearly discernible in the mix, the entry of drums, the layering of guitar, the tension of the piano, the drone of the vocals. Raw, like nature, walking through that forest path of butterflies, breezes, branches, brooks, and then - as you are disillusioned by the surroundings, BAM - the music takes you through a few measures of confusion into the harsh reality that you just walked over a cliff, falling, fading as you drop. I loved this song. Superb mix, clarity, rawness, and a gentle fury without complexity.”

Chris Munson - Reverbnation

“man im loving ur lead and ur voice really cool as, funky funadelic twisted and sexy SEXY SEXY LIKE A LLOLLIPOP thats been popped by a girl called LOLLY”

“Superbly enjoyable, varied and always interesting tracks. Phoenix builds superbly with hypnotic drums and guitar. Dripping North Sea is very funky indie(ish) rock and reminds me a bit of both Magazine and Wire...”

“Great unique sounds, each track is as individual as an ear print.”

“I shared your music with some of the guys at Jazz school. They were impressed!”

Radius Kink Music

“with a pretty fair tilt of the cap to Dunedin bands - Schwardt sounds like a cross between Martin Phillipps and Robert Scott”

“Fuck I love this song! I absolutely can not stop listening to the music it's like crack for me:) Greetings from Germany”

“You folks have it all going on in terms of razor sharp, melodic songwriting, innovative arrangements and tight playing.”

“...mixed bag o’ lollies from an almost one man band machine... I find a lot of flavours to tempt my musical taste buds, along with easily digested riffs and some catchy lines...”

“Beautifully emotive guitar, flowing rhythms and an enchanting blend of styles”

“Outstanding music!!! You are at the top of our list for favorite bands.”

“Beautiful music is all I can say:)”