The Eithers / Press

“The drummer has cool flame tattoos on his wrist and the singer has a cool heart tattoo on his arm. Those were the only tattoos I saw.”

Kat Vonage - Tattoo Weekly

“The singer is like a cross between Bono and David Lee Roth...........Present Day.”

Phil Hoffman - The Tattler

“I tried to get them to play some Bob Seger and they didn't do that cover or anything from 97.1 The River that I am familiar with”

Jack Taylor - Forsyth Daily Bugle

“Who? Never heard of them.”

Dave Grohl - Rolling Stone

“Ima Wachout fo yall”

Willie - Street Survivor

“These guys are the next Lead Zepulin and Skinard combined. What a miracle shot.”

Charlie Wilkins - Up in Cumming