The Effinays / Press

“Honestly, I can’t think of a better first set at any music festival I’ve ever been to than that of The Effinays. You want George Clinton funk? You got it. You want Rastafarian? You got it. You want a little bit of conga? A little bit of silly sound effects? A band just as willing to be goofy as they are to belt out some slow jazz? You got it.”

“Ya’ll made my day”

George Clinton

“I cannot stress how you should make it a point to check them out when you get a chance!”

“Doused in funk and served hot with a side of reggae, The Effinays host "Funk Mondays" at Sundown at Granada each week, washing away your workweek blues with the six-piece band's unique blend of jammy reggae and hip-hop-infused funk”

“That Latin flare fits in somewhere with their funky brand of dance hall-style reggae, complete with a brass section”

White Rock Lake Weekly

“With the current state of the local music scene on a slow incline, it is often hard to find traction on such unsure ground. It is also hard to make a name for yourself in a over-saturated market. But, Dallas up and comers, The Effinays, are doing just that”

“The Effinays effin' bring it! This six piece genre defying ensemble has a little bit of everything, and yet their sound is so precise that it's hard to mistake them for anyone else. Something else that's hard to do around these guys is to sit still. They get you with a driving rhythm section punctuated by rich accents from the horns and impossibly funky guitar from a guy named Shaggy (gotta love that, right?) but then you top it all with the double barrel vocals of frontman Joe Martinez. If it doesn't get you moving, get yourself checked out. That's all I got to say.”

“Last week's Chevy Music Showcase featured The Effinays, an exciting & uber-tight indie rock band that has made huge waves in Texas Reggae & Funk Rock scenes.”