the Edith Massey / Press

“It’s also refreshing for the audience to hear a new vocalist mid set. Marcusen and Buettner complement each other well as band mates, and they sound somewhat similar as guitarist and drummers – though they sing very, very differently. Listeners can especially hear this in The Edith Massey self-titled album. Marcusen has a warm and welcoming, though easily excitable singing voice. The songs “Muse” and “Out Of Order,” track 4 and 5 off the album, beautifully showcase his smooth, classic and ride-able singing/songwriting style. Buettner, other the other hand, sings like a hardcore shoegazer one moment and then jacked up Jack White the next. The song “2:51 a.m.,” track 2, is especially listener-attractive with is psych-infused dreamlike drama. In “I Like What I See,” track 3, Buettner sounds a lot more playful, though no less weird and intriguing. “We do a lot with a little,” Buettner said. “Even in studio production, we don’t want to over-track...”

“If this isn't the best band in North Dakota, call Steve Buscemi and get that wood chipper out of the shed. The Daleks [now known as the Edith Massey] are a compelling blend of sloppy roots rock and strutting garage, and they're not afraid of the occasional screaming guitar solo. They'd come up just before the Eagles of Death Metal in a tiny iTunes library, and the transition would be completely natural. For a band named after a Doctor Who reference, the Daleks have a surprisingly robust sound, and from what we've heard, it'd be shocking to imagine any of them in a flowing scarf.”