The Echo Chamber / Press

“The Echo Chamber is an electronic band hailing from Fort Collins. It has been a while since their last release of new music. In 2012 they released an EP entitled “Vikings From The Future,” but their new album Synesthesia does not disappoint. The album blends rock riffs with electronic sounds and glitches perfectly. The first song on the album is entitled “Into the Machine” and you really feel like you are entering a machine with precise measures and marching-sounding tunes. The tracks flow seamlessly with each other and it is very easy to listen to. There are minimal vocals this album, but the music speaks for itself. Track four, entitled “In Battle” is the standout on the album. With track titles like “Morphine Tiger,” and “Anamorphous Colors In Dreams,” how could you go wrong? They are having their CD release party at Hodi’s Halfnote on November 22, so be sure to check that out.”

“The Echo Chamber is a band of few words. In both their stage presence and their sound, they apparently prefer to let the music do the talking for them. But with as much sheer talent as this trio brings to the table, no words are needed. Very few modern bands can get away with being strictly instrumental...the music alone is more than enough to evoke a gamut of emotion, raise one’s heart rate, and cause an outbreak of goosebumps...I always have the hardest time describing The Echo Chamber to folks who haven’t heard them before. Melodic Hard Rock is the best I can come up with. It’s like listening to a film score, I often close my eyes when they’re playing and “see” the music, but watching musicians in full mastery of their instruments is a treat unto itself.”

“by Tim Wenger Fort Collins trio, the Echo Chamber, take local epic rock to new heights with their new EP, Vikings From The Future. The disc starts out with the soothing instrumental track “Ramparts” during which I found it impossible not to drift away into deep thought. The entire disc is full of melodic, but also very spacious, sounds with slow and steady beats and minimal vocals. The presence of electronica and prog rock define their unique sound, which at times reminded me of Angels & Airwaves, and at other times Pink Floyd. Keep on the lookout for these guys, as their appealing sound is sure to draw hoards of new fans with each live performance. Online: theechochamberband.com ”

“If I had a black leather jet pack complete with whiskey dispenser, metal studs and an electric guitar, Vikings from the Future would play from its speakers. Vikings is a little bit of everything in the rock vein, with a fair share of nuance – think Led Zeppelin mixed with Tool, then throw in a Beat poet for kicks. The freshman release from this Fort Collins prog rock quartet isn’t forging new territory by blending electronic programming and rock, but they do it expertly. The delay, distortion and programming they choose to use only aid them in creating searing riffs and emotionally varied tonalities. “Ramparts” is the award-winning, fist-pumping song on Vikings, showcasing driving lines of echoed bass and guitar riffs that build into a “Hell, yes!” frenzy, but the other tracks aren’t far behind. ”

“The Echo Chamber Vikings From The Future Independent 4 out of 5 stars - With a heavy emphasis on the rock side of post-rock, Fort Collins’ The Echo Chamber deliver a hefty sound on their debut EP Vikings From The Future. The group’s ability to shift from electronic sounding styles to organic music is nearly flawless, and the power of the music is much larger than should be expected from a trio.”