The Echo and The Sound / Press

"This L.A.-based duo makes noise enough for four. Singer-guitarist Brian Rich and drummer Douglas Jewell slather on the menace with a heavy march of drum rolls and champagne cymbals to fill every bit of auditory space. Self-described as “gothic cantina,” The Echo and The Sound combine an aggressive mentality with blues-rock rhythms for a thick dose of fidelity. Their latest seven-song EP, “It’s Execution,” is a load of dirty racket that paints an aural portrait of Saturday night’s 3 a.m. stragglers. Recorded by Mark Rains (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club) at Station House Studios in Echo Park, the EP is heavy on the distortion and attitude — it’s powerful coming out of our speakers, and leaves the impression that they’re take-no-prisoners live."

"One of the most promising up-and-coming bands in L.A. is the dark and broody rock and roll Tarantino-esque two-piece The Echo and The Sound"

"Watching this band live, you feel the energy coming off of these guys as they submerge you in an experience of raw emotion and talent. The beats shake your soul and the guitar and vocals knock it completely out of whack in the most satisfying of ways. Each time I have seen them, the experience has only gotten better."

"Influenced by bands such as Flat Duo Jets, Two Gallants, Little Richard, The Kinks and the soul of the 60’s amongst others, The Echo and The Sound is a rock band based out of Los Angeles that was established in the late of 2012 by Brian and Douglas, whom with their composition’s hand us powerful guitar with the classic sound of rock that reminds us of the best eras of this generation. They describe their creative process like a series of steps in which they both give all their energy and time but “Without involving too much” (said in a joking manner). The passion for music is very noticeable in this US duo, which is demonstrated in their new 6 song Album and that we have here."

“Do you hear that? Its the sound of dark and broody rock and roll. The Echo and The Sound’s six-track EP is full of hip shaking, foot stomping, good old fashioned R & R. It’s a dark, Tarantino-esque collection that is impossible to resist. Try. You’ll get pinned to the ground before you try to block out the sound waves. Time to give in to the gothy calls of The Echo and The Sound.”