The Dymaxion Quartet / Press

“Ultimately, it’s the compelling tunes played with conviction, the intriguing role-switching process and the stimulating interplay that captivate. The Dymaxion Quartet is a band to watch.”

“The Dymaxion Quartet’s Sympathetic Vibrations (self-released) is a smart, fresh listen, a contrapuntal brain massage in an oxygenated room.”

Larry Costentino - Signal to Noise

“Drummer Gabriel Gloege and his Dymaxion Quartet draw inspiration from Buckminster Fuller (the name of the band) and the photography of Asca S.R. Aull, but you don’t really need to know much about either to appreciate this perfectly poised small-group jazz.”

“Sympathetic Vibrations is an auspicious inauguration that has an inventive spirit and creative drive and proves The Dymaxion Quartet is full of potential possibilities.”

“In this interview, Gloege talks about ... how Fuller’s ideas and Aull’s photos inform the music on this album; and how he structures his compositions in the absence of a chordal instrument.”