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“As tasty and bouncy as fresh bubblegum, this perfectly snazzy debut album delivers eleven tracks worth of straight-up no-bullshit rock’n’roll racket that happily eschew pretense in favor of just immediately gettin’ down to stirring and spirited brass tacks. The guitars grind up a fierce storm, the basslines churn away with equal relentless ferocity, and the drums lay down a mighty primordial steamrolling beat. Meanwhile, the vocals are quite lively and rousing. The plain-spoken simplicity of the songwriting rates as the yummy cherry on an already delicious sonic cake. It’s the extremely basic and uncomplicated quality of this music which in turn gives it a substantial breezy’n’easy charm.”

"...The day-long celebration, which leads in to the school year's inaugural football game against Bowling Green State University, features seven standout acts, including the winners of this year's Local Band Challenge, The Dumb Easies. "Being a Bowling Green band, it was a nice surprise!" said The Dumb Easies. "We can't wait to play at the UT Music Fest." During the Local Band Challenge round, The Dumb Easies put their band to work on reaching the masses via Facebook. And it really paid off, since they will be kicking off the festival at 3 p.m. Rounding out the line-up is Hot Sauce from Detroit (R&B), K'Jon (hip-hop/soul), Alexander Zonjic and Jeff Lorber (jazz), Tyler Hilton (singer/songwriter), Gloriana (country), and headliners Bowling For Soup (pop/punk).

"Now that their CD Love ! Love! Love! has landed in my CD player I'm kicking myself for not catching them sooner.11 Songs of masterful pop sweetness. Not the kind of drivel that hit the top 40 these days as pop. This is 70's style ,updated a bit with some punk bad assery lurking beneath the melodies. But seriously this record would belong right next to K-Tel 20 Power Hits Comp's you could only get through TV back in the days of Archie Bunker and George Jefferson. Take Joey Ramone ,with one part Bay City Rollers,a sprinkle of Suzi Quatro and garnish it with Redd Kross then you have just an idea what these cats and kitties are like. Marvelous production gives equal weight to instruments,lead vox and background vox alike which must have been no small feat with so much going on in each song.I don't have many bubble gummy, stick sweet pop Cd's in my collection but Love ! Love! Love ! is going into it happily..."

"The Dumb Easies are making some of the most familiarly original music you’ve heard in years. The band’s new record, Love! Love! Love! has the feel of a nostalgic rock club, a high school dance, and a Sunset Strip-cruising Saturday night all at once.

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