Dubsmith / Press

“You could call this a Dub Monday here at The Global Bass Experience. Boom One Records has a couple releases out today that greatly differ but both carry the banner of Dub. First is Dubsmith with a two track EP featuring Sir Philpotts, B. Davis, and Bianca Boom. Dubsmith delivers a digital heavy Dub cleverly titled Starship Nubia, which sounds like a title of a movie I would love to see. Several possible plots immediately come to mind. The vibe is dope and feels really chill, perfect for the darkened room you might still be in from our last post from Mechanik Project. Sick beats, mind bending rhythmic shifts and beautiful repetitive vocals, these tracks on Starship Nubia show that Dubsmith knows his ways around the starship controls.”

“4. Dub Your Style by B Davis and Dub Smith , B. Davis teamed up with Philly’s dub master The Dubsmith and Boom One Sound System to release the “Time For Change” EP, and is now about to release his second album, “Towards The Light” also on the Boom One Records label. Official Website: www.bdavismusic.com Soundcloud Page: @bdavismusic Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/B.DavisMusic”

“Great A must have for any true reggae fan.”

“irie the way remixes should be!”

“yes i my brethren...great dub mixes from you and a great channel also...keep this fire burnin....thanks a lot for the sub... nuff love and blessings straight from athens”


“More Dub with one perfect love”

Lion Heart - ispace

“Hey IhBa’s DuBsMiTh Mix Lab, YOU are awesome :)”

Atomic skunk - Reggae.net

“That's crazy! Your music is as cool and as relevant as ever...like only just time has past still the music is timeless...blessings... we are recording some new tunes, your music is really inspiring.”

“A fresh take on the vibes we call dub ....much respect due to the Dubsmith !.....Philly born and bread brethren! Respect.....King Britt”

“Dubnight Vol.. The Dubsmith . My favourite tune comes from the USA (well, there's always a first time, isn't it? "Steprois" from Dubsmith. Love dis tune.”