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“Holy shit....Dropped to 5...Oh my goodness...My life lives and dies by the charts so what's up with that?”

Betty Ford Press

“Uploading some hack playing just for fun...It is fun to play with different people every now and then when you are not exactly in the right frame of mind...”

The D.T.'s - Betty Ford Press

“Gonna have a lot of new songs...New lineup...New sounds...It is an experiment in sound...Pushing ahead...Sorry for the delay but we considered renaming the band even but there is nothing more honest about the music we want everyone to hear than the name that describes us...Thanks for keeping that single so active for so long...But much more is on the way. Looking forward to sharing it with everyone and playing live for as many people as we can! Keep the faith!”

“The D.T.'s now have a Facebook page...”

Betty Ford - Betty Ford Press