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“My homeboys in The Drip have been working on new material for a while now and recently, while playing alongside Clinging To The Trees of a Forest Fire, premiered some of their new material live. The Drip’s guitarist Bobby sent me a video of a fucking amazing new track called “Mother of All Bastards.” This song is just under two minutes of brutal grinding madness. Vocalist Brandon sounds like a beast. This track is extremely well executed and is an all-around melee of grinding insanity. Check out the track below and keep your eyes peeled for more new material from The Drip.”

“If you think back, not too long ago mi amigos in The Drip sent me a live clip of them playing a new song called Mother of All Bastards and now they have sent me another. This track is a brutally fast, aggressive and fully pissed monster named “Extinction Imminent (Anti-Human Propaganda.” This track is sooo good that it is almost insane. Check out the clip below and stay tuned for more info on The Drip’s new material. Hopefully we’ll have more exciting information soon! Enjoy.”