The Doug Gordon Band / Press

"The Doug Gordon Band retains the strength, the taste and stage presence that is rarely seen today. The band is tight and loyal to each other for many years and they have great stamina, consistency, perseverance and stage presence. They are tasty have great dynamics and phenomenal vocals.”

Tito Batista, President Black Rose Productions

"The Bad Boys From NY- are no stranger To the Jerry & Louise Show. With multiple appearances on our Television Show, The Doug Gordon Band delivers great stage presence & dynamics. A MUST SEE LIVE ACT.”

Jerry Bruno- J&L Video Production Studios

"The Doug Gordon Band is the perfect blend of commercially viable rock and blues"

Ed Johnson - The Inside Connection Music Magazine

““The Doug Gordon Band took the stage. Fronted by Gordon, who sings and plays acoustic guitar, and made up of excellent musicians, The Doug Gordon Band plays a flavorful blend of jam-infused rock.”

Mike Ferrari: Aural Fix Publications

“ “The Doug Gordon Band came on and they were impressive. A five-piece with drums, guitar, bass, keys and percussion, they put on a great live show.” ”

April 2006 - Inside Connection magazine

““The exceptional quality of the music found here indicates the tremendous potential that Gordon possesses literally at his fingertips. Someone give this guy a recording contract!””

May 2005 Kevin Matthews, Fufkin.com

““Doug Gordon’s music is well executed. Together with his band, he has assembled a collection of songs that are varied perhaps in tempo, but not in their inspiration. Doug Gordon is a good songwriter who would probably be fun to see in a live situation.””

January 2005 MidWestBands.com