The Dalai Rocker Ragdoll / Press

“The Dalai Rocker Ragdoll - The encapsulation of psychosis driven blues/garage/gritty/DIY driven, unencumbered rock & roll!!!”

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“Go down into some of the hidden pockets of unrepentant wildness in our sprawling, gleefully weird Rubber City, and in the shadows of the post-industrial overgrowth, in the old buildings and the factory houses that have been simultaneously reclaimed and set free, in the heat of the summer nights, you may be lucky enough to witness the otherworldly thump, howl, and apocalyptic blues of Dolly Rocker Ragdoll.”

““Nostalgic without the burden of sentimentality” is the best way to describe the music of Dolly Rocker Ragdoll. Like Elvis Presley on acid, it is both familiar and fresh, classic and modern —”

Steve Hallo - Magazine