The Dirty Words / Press

“David Clemmer, Mike Chastain, Aaron Poplin and Scott Page have played a whole bunch of shows around town in the past five years, and they’ve done so with style. They got together when Clemmer met Chastain through a local theater production in 2004 (...) and they’ve been rocking constantly and consistently ever since. Clemmer writes songs that drip with passion, emotion and wit, and his three bandmates ably inject those songs with a healthy helping of kinetic energy. Think Modest Mouse, but with plenty of melody in place of all that silly barking.”

“It’s no surprise that the band is taking such a DIY route – that’s how they’ve operated for the entirety of their existence. International Machine was recorded and produced by the band, as will the follow-up effort, which [David] Clemmer says the band wants to lay down this winter. The plan is to hunker down and record the tracks, not emerging until they’ve got something on wax…or something to that effect.”

“Live, the Dirty Words are true to their name, unleashing gritty rockers often at jet engine volume and speed while blending punk tendencies with the highly emotive lyrical style of front man David Clemmer - this is best heard on the track "Damn Jacket." But on International Machine, the band is at its best when they let things run clean. And this means no rainstorm of distortion. No thundering of [Mike] Chastain's drum kit. No whirling guitar showcases - okay, maybe a few spotlighted guitars booms come through on these cleaner tracks.”