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“Where I come from the word grand can also be used to mean good and If my granddad said that something was grand it would be a big compliment. I'd very much like to say that This is Grand is very grand indeed. I had no expectations at all of this release as I was wholly unaware of the band but now I'm a definite fan. The record begins in slightly strange (but good) fashion with "Death in the Afternoon" which is cinematic yet off-kilter and ends with the rocking upbeat "Popular". In between we get nods to the Rolling Stones, Springsteen at his most over-the-top and even a ska inflected track thanks to some splendid horns. I enjoyed this album so much that unusually for me I actually played it twice in succession after my initial listen – and that doesn't happen often let me tell you. The Dirty Rooks are my first major surprise of 2013 and I recommend This is Grand heartily.”

"Chicago's boozy, seventies-rock-and blues-inspired band The Dirty Rooks burrow themselves underneath your nails, along with the dirt and scum and filth of the city streets. And they're damn good."

Newcity Chicago

“The Dirty Rooks are one of those exemplary bands that ought to melt the heart of any icy, serious music fan with pure, unrequited devotion to rhythm and blues. The Chicago act piles on grimy blues riffs, a horns section fit for a king, and big-time choruses like, "I got a girl that brings home the bacon," creating a bombastic party sound that rouses listeners to buy another pitcher. The band celebrates the release of its newest record, Sugar Mama, but bands like this belong cramped up on the stage, not confined to an iPod.”

A.V. Club

“Despite relatively humble beginnings and early shows under unlikely circumstances, The Dirty Rooks have quickly built a loyal following desperate to be reminded of what real rock sounds like. Drawing on influences from the 60s & 70s, The Dirty Rooks have helped revive booze rock in the Chicago area, and are on their way to making their presence known in pubs across the nation. And their sophomore album, Sugar Mama, is only encouraging more success.”

The Round Table Online

“With The Dirty Rooks and "Sugar Mama" I've found another great group to throw into my rotation of 70's influenced rock.They go for it full throttle right from the opening chords on "Skeleton Key" as vocalist Dan Stalilonis pours his heart & soul into every note while the organ swells add color and warmth underneath guitarist Mike Bailey who rips off a series of extended and truly smoking solos.liberal use of horns and soulful female backing vocals on "Larry's Blues" and the muscular, greasy R&B groove of "No Mercy".Two contemplative ballads "So It Seems" & "Strangers These Days" along with shorter and playful tracks " I Don't Mind" & "Rabbit Hole" and you get all the makings of an extremely diverse album from top to bottom. The Dirty Rooks come along and by tapping into vintage vibes and incorporating it into their own brand of high octane rock & blues, they ultimately arrive at something that they can truly call their own. ”

Sea of Tranquility

"The Dirty Rooks have earned a reputation for being one of the best live rock n' roll bands in Chicago. Reviewers of the band inevitably bring up their "bombastic party sound," call their live shows "enthusiastic [and] blood-alcohol-raising," or tell their readers to "pound a cheap beer (or five) and steady yourself". They've purveyed their brand of "booze-rock" in many of the Midwest's finest music venues, and played with national acts from around the country. Their newest album, Sugar Mama, released February of this year, captures the experience of seeing the 'Rooks in concert and is already earning great reviews from critics and fans alike."

The Reader