The Dirty Panties / Press

“This is a very cool, poppy punk album.”

“The Dirty Panties are part of the real punk music scene.”

“Down and dirty rawk to counteract the anesthesia of the Las Vegas lounge acts. Stick this in your headphones and trip the light fantastic!”

“The Dirty Panties are quickly becoming one of my favorite Punk bands.”

“Three stars. A nicely twisted wad for vintage punk fans.”

“The Dirty Panties have become the Queens of punk.”

“These Dirty Panties were freeze-dried, packed so tight even the blast beats were synched to a T.”

“This record commands that you sit the fuck up and listen!”

“Support the Queens of Punk as they take over the party.”

“These fabulous ladies keep thing simple and direct, focusing on getting the point across rather than trying to bury their tunes in tidal waves of overdubs.”

“The Dirty Panties will affirm your faith in music again.”

“The Dirty Panties truly have something special to offer music fans all over the world.”

“Rock n Roll and Punk needs more bands like The Dirty Panties immediately.”

“An impressive debut statement that clearly proves this 4 piece is a force to be reckoned with.”

“They offer a very strong and confident female perspective and spirit via their music.”

“The Dirty Panties are 2012’s next big thing.”

“Packs a punch with a powerful voice for young women who have had enough of the status quo.”

“A rough-cut rock which shimmers of diamonds.”