The Diamond Lights / Press

"'Secret Hell' is everything they all love wrapped up with a ribbon (and a bow of course) delivered in the perfectly, deadly-executed package that is The Diamond Light's new 158-second poptastic, punkoid, pillaging single. Failing to mention the most perfectly placed "woos" since Kim Gordon found "devastating blonde" as a hair colour...The Diamond Lights are that good."

“The Diamond Lights clambered onto the stage next. The only song I had previously heard from this East London duo was the excellent Queens of the Stone Age-esque ‘Yes Sir’, but this didn’t prepare me for what I was about to see live. Drummer Glenn Fryatt immediately launched into a tom-laden attack as Chris Hornby’s blistering guitar and vocals reminded me of ‘Fall Heads Roll’ era The Fall. From start to finish, The Diamond Lights were easily as good a band as I have seen and heard for a very long time. Fryatt’s serial killer intensity behind the kit works perfectly with Hornby’s 50s tinged vocal style and jagged guitar stylings. Twenty-five minutes, seven songs and a crowd shouting for more later, this absorbing and pleasurable sonic assault was over. Leave them wanting more would seem to be their motto, and they certainly did…”

"...The Diamond Lights are a noisy duo of guitar and drums who have recently received acclaim from NME magazine. We understand why! Tonight, this group has been a great find. The group compares well and reminds us of Thee Oh Sees with their delicious, grimy riffs..."

"...The Diamond Lights are led by Chris Hornby (Guitar/Vocals) and Glenn Fryatt (Drums/Backing Vocals). They are not there just for fun. From the first notes, it is clear that we are about to attend a great concert. The Diamond Lights mix well a garagey vocal (accompanied by a delay effect that comes straight from the 50s) with a simply enormous guitar. The dynamics are full on, hitting you full in the face! The drums are powerful and precise, the songs are strong and effective. In short, you have not heard the last of these guys..."