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“(The Devil Blues Band): it’s a good go-to band for some seriously energetic rock ‘n’ roll. Who cares if it’s a Tuesday?”

“Show announcement regarding opening for The Casualties”

“Interview with former Devil Blues Band bassist”

“Kare 11 event listings for The Devil Blues Band.”

“Minneapolis' Devil Blues Band was up next. Despite the 'blues' in their name, this was a punk band. They played loud and hard and required very little sound check setup. I got the feeling that they've been playing live regularly, based on their stage presence. Set list: "Aurora", "See Me Go", "Requiem", "Kodachrome", "A Maraca", "Will I Survive", "Stilettos", "Find that Hooker", "Devil Blues", and "Don't Belong."”

“The Devil Blues Band - Nether Bar - 12/27/12 - Minneapolis, MN”

“First Avenue & 7th St Entry, your downtown danceteria since 1970. -Events featuring: The Devil Blues Band”

“In February 2012, Amanda Bright interviewed The Devil Blues Band. Instead of interviewing the whole band at once I interviewed Ryan, as said below. If you like punk music, then you might just fall in love with this band. Make sure to like them on facebook and check them out on youtube. Support Minnesota’s local artists! www.devilbluesband.com Q: Who is answering the questions? This is for viewer clarification. A: Ryan (Lazarus Ulysses Clearwater) Q: Where is everyone originally from? A: Everyone comes from different parts of suburban Minnesota for the most part. I don’t think any two of us are really consider ourselves from the same place... ...follow the link for the full article!”