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"...mean, barfightin', jugband punk."

Denver Thread

“This is the part where I am supposed to introduce the band to you. However, you don't need me to tell you this four-piece band is from Denver. And frankly, the band members give a much better description of the band than your humble narrator ever could. Ladies and gentlemen, Denver City Saltlicks. ...A four-piece band that takes the flavours of yesteryear, electrifies them, shows them a skin mag centerfold and then tells them to melt faces or else they’re getting salt rubbed in yer wound mofo! Electricity, sweat, spoons, twang, cheers, booze, dancing, aggressive dancing, Cate Hate’s bloody splinter filled knuckles, ‘Bama Slim’s Don’t give a F' outfits, an electric ukulele, UD's striking good looks, GE’s devastating upright bass grooves, booze, an A-Hole attitude, family, friends, drunkards, some guy who hates us, some chick who loves us, flash bulbs, booze, and an olde yellow gas can with Denver City Saltlicks painted on it and the taste of a dirty water hot dog with NO rel”

Gary Schwind - Fox Tracks- DCS Interview

“If you’ve been a denizen at Denver venues over the past near-decade in search of wild, homegrown roots music, chances are you’ve run into a performance or two from Denver City Saltlicks, one of the best punkabilly/surf/blues/jugbands around. Denver City Saltlicks – or DCS – pack a musical punch with tunes that explode out of their private backwoods still and into your face with the force of a moonshine firehose. As it finds its way down your throat, it burns with a feeling like it’s removing most of the smooth lining, and then sits inside, warming while it generates a small nuclear reaction that powers unstoppable hips, cheeks and ankles. I defy you to avoid dancing next time you see them live, without suppressing an inevitable and overwhelming full body twitch fit.”

Billy - Denver Thread- DCS Interview

“ ...This record, their first full length, owns the distinction of being the first in a while that immediately became a part of our daily soundtrack, with tunes that branded themselves on our tune-soaked brains. From the opening cackle that starts of “Rattlesnake Women” the tunes beg you to avoid bouncing and gyrating while you slip into old-timey forms of brainwash.... Equally enticing is their pairing for “Fuck Workin,” “Why’d You Take My Love” and the over-the-top fiery “Baby Jesus Wept.” ‘Bama pulls off a velvet, super-powered croon that’s unmatched – at least in Denver at the moment – in “…Dreams of You,” and plays a damned good spirit behind “Ghost of a Murdered Man.” Besides their old-fashioned, jug-band-meets-surf sound, DCS portray the best of The Gun Club and some other solid punk roots on this disc. Well worth checking out – and they’re even better live.”

Billy - Denver Thread- CD Review