The Demon / Press

“From Say Zuzu to Solid 8 to One Hand Free; the members of Portsmouth's newest phenomenon, The Demon, have a varied and storied past. The sum of its parts have decided to scratch that creative itch and formed an ambitious organ driven trio rooted in jazz, but set and fully lacquered with a thick layer of searing rock overtones. Run as you may — one listen and the Demon's gotcha in its grips! The Demon opens for Exter vs Kimock (XVSK) ("Very very Wood Brothers type cool," says Kelly Bower, who plays Hammond organ in The Demon, alongside Rob Ziminsky-"guitar, gravitas" and Steve Ruhm- drums) at The Stone Church in Newmarket on Friday, Jan. 13.”

“What do you get when you throw together former members of Groovechild, The Screen and One Hand Free? You get The Demon. The brand new band will play its first ever gig at The Stone Church in Newmarket on Friday, Jan. 13. The bill for that evening also includes a set from Pennsylvania-based duo XVSK, consisting of cellist/vocalist Trevor Exter and drummer/percussionist John Morgan Kimock, son of guitar legend Steve Kimock. The Demon’s lineup features three veterans of the local rock community, including drummer Steve Ruhm (formerly of Groovechild and Say Zuzu), guitarist Rob Ziminski (of The Screen and formerly of Solid8), and Hammond organist Kelly Bower (formerly of One Hand Free). They unleash their inner demons with an experimental approach that blends classic rock, free jazz and metal. The band has been rehearsing in preparation to record a debut album in the coming months, and they’re also planning to test the waters with some live gigs, beginning with the show in Newmarket.”