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“Not the first progressive rock group but damn sure one of the best to hit my ear drums in a long time. I’m talking 3 years, and if we take into account the sheer magic and amount of their instruments and the arrangements then I have to say not since the 70s.”

"The Deluge has a collection of influences, but no predecessors and, as far as I know, no imitators. Tying to find a comparable sound has failed me for 5 years. That is perhaps their defining attribute."

“A real delight of complex, well crafted music. Crisply played and recorded with lots of interesting polyrythms & time changes. The Viola and Bass lines are truly spectacular. Music snobs everywhere MUST give this a listen.”

“The Deluge are definitely an act worth discovering on disc as well as live I would imagine...[Inverted Earth] is a disc I will definitely be listening to on a regular basis.”

"...[Inverted Earth] is a wonderful listen. Though I feel it is an album to be sat and listened to, a practice that has become scarce these days, I found myself playing "The Devil’s Postpile" and "Undulations" over and over again by themselves..."

"Even if you’re not metaphysical enough to fully grasp [Inverted Earth]'s story, there’s no question you will be able to appreciate and enjoy the lush tones and melodies The Deluge puts forth. Though the track count may appear low at a mere eight, every track breaks the five minute mark, making for an instrumental epic that successfully merges countless genres and styles."

"Watching them perform Inverted Earth, I knew it was something they wanted their audience to indulge themselves in. And, if you're like me, you're going to ask for seconds."

“The Deluge [are] good about capitalizing on moments of stillness and the inevitable pull of chaos as evident in “Undulations”, “Inverted Earth”, and “Raindrop Matrices”. Metaphors are all that’s left once you have your listen.  Every song is its own story. Chapters that tie into the overall concept of a world ending/saving flood. Yes…wait for it…a deluge.”

"...Then there's "Liquid 7th" and "Undulations", two songs composed so perfectly for their purpose, that the experimental world should collectively hang up their hats and go home...And "Root"? Don't get me started on "Root". Have you ever watched something take root and grow? Have you ever listened to it?"

“The production is solid (not overly compressed) allowing the warmth of the instruments to shine through and not crowd each other...The eight tracks on [Inverted Earth] are exquisitely performed ranging from four to eight minutes in length showcasing the instrumentation of this three-piece...The bands' frequent use of various time signatures adds an intensity of its own to hauntingly beautiful tracks such as "Liquid 7th" and "Waterfalls".”

“Voted "Best Instrumental Act" for 2008”

Inland Empire Music Awards

"...It holds universal appeal, despite it's very non-universal genre. This seems to be because people understand they are witnessing something special at their shows..."

John Alden - University of Redlands Bulldog Weekly

"...Their innovative compositions can be partially attributed to their instrumentation, often lending itself to highly structured odd-meter grooves, epic thematic material and heated improvisational passages..."

University of Redlands Bullsheet

"The Deluge is a band that floods with progressive musical theory, polyrhythms and melodic and harmonic elements...The name of the band echoes the long form and odd meters of their music, a 'great flood' or 'heavy downpour' of tonal colors and pitch..."

Darcie Flansberg - The Redlands Daily Facts