The Delta Saints / Press

"...with a whip-smart, harp-and-dobro driven take on the blues, the Delta Saints are throwing down a raucous and righteous sound that more than lives up to their adopted name. With two artfully packaged, self-released EPs and a killer live DVD already on the market, the Delta Saints have spent the last few years cultivating a serious buzz and a rabid fan base around Music City and throughout the southeast.

“Real live blues music is an endangered species these days, and original blues songs are even rarer, so Nashville had better hold onto a band like The Delta Saints while they can, because they may not be playing 12th & Porter forever if they keep pumping out rockin’ music and wowing crowds the way they did Friday night.”

“Their blues-variants are overflowing with energy. They have a power and urgency that is hard to resist.”

"...despite their fiercely passionate music, The Delta Saints themselves are all class and old world simplicity. Like ancient bayou blues musicians, they dress in suspenders and collared shirts, allowing their music to be wild and uncouth while they remain refined and worldly."

"Gravelly vocals and screaming guitars are the hallmark of the Delta Saints, whose raging storm of thunderous bayou-flavored rock becomes an explosion of fierce, frenetic noise onstage that makes a Delta Saints show one you’ll never forget."

"...suddenly there's an eruption of primal, gritty music that has those watching it all clapping their hands, rocking back and forth and feeling that musical fire that's lifted straight out of some creekside shack along a backwater eddy of the Mississippi Delta."

“I’d never heard nor seen anything like it. These kids were showing up Led Zeppelin. Out-Pavementing Pavement. Out-foxing everyone who came before and possibly everyone who is to come in the future.”

“Screaming their way into the Nashville music scene... lap guitar, harmonica, roaring electric guitar, and a voice so dirty it makes babies cry...”