The Delbert Anderson Trio / Press

“The Delbert Anderson Trio represents something new and distinct in today's jazz.”

Geoff Winstead - The Real Way to play the Cat Anderson Method

"Stars come out for Domestic Violence Victims. The Venue reverberated with the sounds of earlier years as The Delbert Anderson Trio took the stage."

“'Groove Warrior' almost sounds from the beginning like a traditional New Orleans Jazz funeral song. But once Mike’s bass is introduced, the song takes on a funky flavor. When Delbert blasts notes from his trumpet along with Mike’s bass, 'Groove Warrior’ really starts to stew like a tasty gumbo atop a crackling stove as Nicholas’ drums moves the song forward. Like a door opening Delbert’s trumpet shines as he lets lose. The song is short but it’s more than enough to fill you and leave you wanting more...encore please! We look forward to seeing and hearing MUCH more. This video was beautifully shot by Paul McPherson from Shutterfreek.”

“I cannot express to you how much your performance and presentation for the Kirtland Central High School Band meant to me as well as the students. You have shown a level of musicianship that has inspired the students here at Kirtland Central to work hard to duplicate. The students now have an understanding of how Jazz came to be as well as Jazz’s context within music history. Students can now differentiate between Swing, Contemporary Jazz, Funk, etc. The information that you presented was extremely valuable to the students by exposing them to another avenue of music. Part of the understanding of music is above and beyond just playing what is written on a page of music and you have helped the students here understand that through your performance and instruction... ...You are truly an inspiration.”

David M. Schwartz - Kirtland high School

“On Monday, September 16 I had the privilege of having the Delbert Anderson Trio come perform for my marching band, drama, art and guitar students at PIedra Vista. They did a wonderful clinic on the history and evolution of jazz. The kids got to hear how our history affects our music and culture. It was also a great opportunity for them to hear great live professional musicians. I sincerely thank the Connie Gotsch Arts Foundation and the Delbert Anderson Trio for providing this opportunity for our students. It was a real treat for me and for them. Delbert and his group were true professionals and educators. Thank you to the DAT again for all that you do for our students and our music community.”

Elizabeth Elliot - Piedra Vista High School

“Delbert, Nick and Mike shared with my students the history of Jazz, Jazz Theory, improvisational skills, and the importance of listening to the great jazz musicians both current and past. They even involved my students in an improvisational piece. They shared their music and brought them a fresh insight to jazz education. Delbert, Nick and Mike were extremely polite to both me and my students, related very well to my students and kept them interested and engaged the entire morning. They concluded with a question and answer session and even stayed after to visit with my students one-on-one. Being in an isolated area in the Northwest part of New Mexico, it was refreshing to have musicians of such high caliber generously give up their time to work with my students. I would like to express my deep appreciation and gratitude for their performance and clinic. I would also like to thank the members of the Connie Gotsch Foundation for providing support for such an excellent group!”

Paul Magnuson - Shiprock High School

“The trio opened up with an introduction giving the members a history of Jazz. They played music that the members enjoyed and incorporated music that the members could relate to. The trio opened the floor for members to ask the trio questions. The members here enjoyed the trio, and are hoping to see another performance!”

Shannon Lewis - Boys and Girls Club

“They did a wonderful job. They were well prepared, playing a variety of jazz examples and kept the attention of the students with their music and information. I would highly recommend the Delbert Anderson Trio to perform in other Schools. Our elementary students do not get enough exposure to musical groups due to the costs involved. This was a wonderful opportunity for us.”

Neva DePew - McKinley Elementary

"The kids had a real great time listening to the music as well as showing off their moves. We would love to have you back any time."

Veronica Peterson - Boys and Girls Club Letter