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“The Birth And Death Of Meaning (produced by rock abandoner Franz Nicolay) is packed with traditional-sounding songs about contemporary issues that concern us all: drowning lovers, rubber vaginas, and whether Kate Bush is an alien.”

“If Shonen Knife, Revolver, and Tiger Lillies had a baby, you’d get The Debutante Hour, a New York multi-instrument trio, and the perfect existential addition to any occasion.... Every quirky track is like an exploration into their subconscious; they say the unsayable, but you’re so glad someone said it.”

“Clever and quirky but with an understated angst that sometimes goes straight down into the abyss, their soaring, soulful three-part harmonies deliver deadpan humor that’s sometimes completely black, other times totally absurdist and often hilarious.”

“Elsewhere there are songs about zombies and 4th dimensions and all done in the most charming way possible. It’s a great album to spend some time with.”

“The Debutante Hour is a New York delight. The city that invented hipsters somehow also spawned three women who will make any uptight A-hole laugh, cry (but mostly laugh), marvel at their acoustics, and kneel before the glory of their harmonies.”

“their live show brings out their theatrical side, the clever charm of their lyrics and their spot-on three-part harmonies.”

“great vocal harmonies, strong songwriting, charm, wit, coordinated outfits, and good looks.... The Debutantes put on a thoroughly entertaining show at Mercury Lounge Sunday night,...”

“The Debutante Hour sounds like Tom Waits and Bjork singing harmonies together at a 1910 variety show.”

“After hearing their new EP Follow Me, my crush on The Debutante Hour is officially bordering on creepy. Hide your kids. Hide your moms.”

“...their deadpan surrealism isn’t always easy to figure out. Which is what makes them so appealing – aside from their perfectly charming three-part harmonies. And the outfits of course. They definitely were serious about putting the album together, with crystalline production from World Inferno’s Franz Nicolay.”

“Overall, the Debutante Hour takes a concept that few would believe could succeed and not only makes it work, but makes the songs sound like they have always belonged together.”

“Produced by the decorated musician Franz Nicolay, The Birth and Death of Meaning is the perfect combination of intelligence and good spirits. From the polka-ing pace of opening track “Your Worldview Gets me Down” to the jaunty style of “Watch Carrie Eat” these three clearly know how to write a piece of music to get your toes tapping and body bouncing. But what’s more impressive than the catchiness of their tunes is the content. Be it quippy or inquisitive, The Debutante Hour has a definite way with words.”

“For as much as The Debutante Hour have an obvious penchant for absurdity, a closer listen reveals three women actually trying to make sense of their world through a dark humour.”

“... it’s quite a smart and sexy 60 minutes. With great voices and bluesy harmonies, the band questions world views, religion and self-identity.”

“Deli Magazine's Artist of the Month.”


“Some of the best lyrics I've heard in ages!”

“However, my favourite of the evening were the openers - The Debutante Hour.”

“In the middle of the concert they switched the instruments, like being one person in two bodies, sharing one soul. Sort of.”

“I have to admit, absolutely, you stole the show.”

Sal Van Den Bosch - WIndmill Brixton Show

“Oh my god; its just the best thing ever!”

Sal Van Den Bosch - Brixton Windmill Show