The Deafening / Press

"Central Booking is night time party music. There's a raw in-your-face aggression to this, and a danger with just enough tongue-in-cheek to make it so much fun."

“There’s a new band on the Web called The Deafening, and they are divine! Without doubt one of the biggest surprises of this year. Big riffs and vibrant rhythms are what we will discover in this debut album by this New York band led by the hyperactive Lena Hall.”

“Ever imagined what a hard rockin’ version of Katy Perry would sound like? You have? Then you simply must check out the mad-eyed antics of Lena Hall, frontgal of The Deafening, in this here video. There’s a distinct Exorcist influence and splatterings of vomit to contend with too. (“I kissed a ghoul and I liked it,” you could say…)”

"Lena Hall commands absolute attention with her powerful pipes and guitarist Burt Rock covers many different styles and can hold his own with the best guitar Gods -- past or present"

"First, the band has intentionally not aligned itself with all the ridiculous and popular artifices of modern rock by stripping its sound down to the pure heart of classic rock, and secondly The Deafening looks to make a name by bringing back the dominating theatricality of those great live Rock and Roll shows. That being said, The Deafening are here to blow your mind …"

"you can't help but get a feeling that it would do Quentin Tarantino proud to throw them in an upcoming movie soundtrack"