The Deadly Blank / Press

“'Hey everybody, we got tickets to the pirate ship.' - [excerpt from interview with SFL Music]”

“very radio ready these guys. AND they nurse ducks back to health. so even better”

“The Deadly Blank kicked things off in no-frills power trio fashion, laying power pop-infused melodies with an early 90’s flare over Detroit-style stomp-and-kick background riffs”

“‘(To) a happy marriage of vintage rock with modern roll', you can also add, ‘an open, happy marriage willing to occassionally swing with other styles’.”

“Pure awesome bliss...If you haven’t seen The Deadly Blank, then you are completely missing out on some serious joy”

“The Deadly Blank: arguably the raddest band name in South Florida. These 3 dudes are the real deal, not that turtle shit you hear on the radio”

“The Deadly Blank are the background music to a home movie of teenagers racing shopping carts down a paved hill”

“[Miami New Times 2012 Best Arts Collective] RAW: Natural Born Artists did the arts community a solid when it launched in May. The group's inaugural event, which took over Design District nightclub the Stage in May, boasted musical performances by the Deadly Blank”

“I know I dig the Deadly Blank”

“I love the Deadly Blank”

“In search for loud, pure rock and roll? Head over to Will Call on Friday night, as The Riot Act and The Deadly Blank will be hitting the stage. Both of these bands hail from South Florida, and each band will be performing rock/alternative sounds – loudly, of course.”