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“Everyone loves to find new music and hear about new and upcoming artist. Spotify really helps us out with finding new music, in fact that is one of the main purposes of spotify. That is THE main purpose of what we do, to help others find new music they will like and enjoy, while helping other artists who are pursuing their dreams and working day and night. One new band that is making their way over the horizon is the band that is #ExtraBacon as they like to put. Ya, the Dead End Drivers hash tag themselves as extra bacon. How could we not feature these new artists? Their style is based on alternative/rock and indie, and they are doing a great job at grasping a more laid back style. Similar to how the 1975 executes their guitar sound, where the guitar tends to have more sustain and slight delay to magnify a sort of dream and atmospheric feel.”

“Even though the members of The Dead End Drivers have day jobs and school to keep them occupied, this Littleton rock quartet has spent the last three years not only creating music but helping Beat Teams, a nationwide instrument donation program sponsored by Terra Rising Records. Also, the band’s track “My Backyard” was featured in Terra Rising’s documentary Universal MusiCares. Working on their next album, The Dead End Drivers spoke with AXS about their work here in the Mile High City. AXS: Does The Dead End Drivers have a goal in mind for the sound the band produces? Are there certain influences or themes the band tries to inject into its own music? The Dead End Drivers: We want to create a sound that’s always changing and keeps people on their toes. Sometimes there are bands who find a pattern and stick with it. We are not a fan of that usually. We kind of like to infuse all of our influences into our music.”

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“Review - The Dead End Drivers – Questions / Without You / Save Me The Dead End Drivers are an indie rock band from the rocky mountain empire of Colorado. Some of their influences include Led Zeppelin, Mumford and Songs and The Beatles, yet I like how this is one of the bands which does not emulate any of their influences and instead takes certain likeable elements to create little pieces of idiosyncrasy. ‘Without You’ seduces me with its fun riffs and ‘Questions’ with it’s honesty. ‘Save Me’ even attempts (successfully!) the pop-punk style of expressive story-telling. If you’re looking for an amalgamation of a genre-less talent, The Dead End Drivers may be the band for you! – Chloe Cheung”

“There’s something really awesome in following a young up and coming band as they continue to take their first steps out of the shadows and into the spotlight. That’s the kind of excitement and buzz that seems to have taken hold around Colorado band, Dead End Drivers. But since then they have been a continually growing blip on my radar, and rightfully so, as their profile seems to have risen exponentially over the last few months, driven by solid song writing, hard work, a professional attitude, and making the most of some fortuitous opportunities along the way. Are they the “next big thing” out of Colorado? I don’t know. I don’t have a crystal ball and I’ve never been particularly good at predicting such things. But, as far as I can tell, they seem to be closing in on the junction where hard work and opportunity collide, so I’d say they have just as good of a shot as anybody else.”

“2013 LadyLake Music Indie Awards Numbers eleven through twenty of the 2013 LadyLake Indie Awards have been announced. This list includes some of the finest independent music in the world. Read on to see who was selected this year! FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PRLog (Press Release) - Dec. 1, 2013 - NEW YORK -- Welcome to the first announcement of the winners in the 2013 LadyLake Indie Music Awards, brought to you by LadyLake Music, an international indie music publicity company representing artists and events in the US/UK which was founded in 2006. http://www.reverbnation.com/label/ladylakemusic Thank you to the indie artists around the world who submitted music for our indie awards again this year! We truly enjoyed listening to the wide variety of styles and sounds, and this year have divided the winners into two groups; numbers one through ten, who have not yet been contacted, and numbers eleven through twenty, who are listed below. Indie Rock 14. Dead End Drivers – One Way Out”

“Dead End Drivers got on our radar a couple months ago through a ReverbNation submission, and the reasons why we selected them are made very apparent on the EP One Way Out. The five songs on the disc are not what you typically hear come out of our indie-rock savvy town, they have elements of folk, country and rock under constant display in their tunes. Harmonious and full, the band relies heavily on double guitar to complete their sound, and do it well and with a touch of western swank.”

“The Dead End Drivers are an indie rock band formed in by Ian Tyson and Luke Hubka in Littleton, Colorado. What makes them different from most bands in Colorado is their focus on lyrics and vocal sounds. The DED’s musical influences consist of; Led Zeppelin, Young The Giant, Mumford And Sons, Awolnation, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix. Their members include, Luke Hubka (vocals), Ian Tyson (guitar), Matt Wilson (drums), and Sam Martens (bass). Their songs have a completely unique sound of their own. ”